Cloud computing architecture involves all the components and sub-components required for cloud computing. It comprises of many cloud components, each of them are loosely coupled.

These components typically consists of:

·         A Front end platform (fat client, thin client, mobile devices)

·         Back end platforms (servers, storage)

·         A network (Internet, Intranet, Intercloud)


Cloud Computing Architecture


Front End

Front end refer to the client part of cloud computing system. It consists of interfaces and applications that are required to access the cloud computing platforms, e.g. Web browsers

Back End

Back End refers to the cloud itself. It consists of all the resources required to provide cloud computing services.

It comprises of:
·     Hug data storage

·      Virtual machines

·       Security mechanism

·       Services

·       Deployment models

·       Servers etc.

It is the responsibility of the back end to provide built in security mechanism, traffic control and necessary protocols.

The server interacts with connected devices by employing certain protocols known as Middle ware tools


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