Hi everyone in this blog I’m explaning about cloud database solution (SQL Azure Database).


As implementation of cloud computing environments increases, it’s not surprising that cloud-based databases are becoming increasingly popular. This is achive to more ways:

SQL Azure Database:

Microsoft’s Azure cloud offering is a favorite of large enterprise operations, with 57% of the Fortune 500 already signed on. The goal is integrated development and operation tools and technologies in the cloud, using Microsoft-managed data centers worldwide. Development can be done via .NET, Java, PHP, Node.js, Python, or Ruby with Integrated Visual Studio tools.

Support elastic scale & more predictable performance:

Backed by the power and presence of Azure, high-throughput applications can elastically scale their data tier across thousands of databases. The new SQL Database service tiers enable applications to easily scale-up or down predictable performance on each database.

Streamline business continuity for your critical applications:

Gain peace of mind over data availability with built-in replicas and a competitive 99.99%* Microsoft-backed SLA at the database level. Enjoy more application continuity and protection against catastrophic events with built-in continuity options across the service tiers.

Enjoy near-zero maintenance through a self-managed service:

Remove virtually all infrastructure maintenance with SQL Database which provides automatic software patching as part of the service.

Drive productivity through support for familiar tools and platforms:

Drive DevOps tasks such as scale out or business continuity via programmatic APIs for streamlined management as you scale to hundreds or thousands of databases. SQL Database offers a choice of management tools; REST APIs, PowerShell, the Azure Management Portal with HTML5 support, or SQL Server Management Studio and supports a choice of popular platforms and technologies, including .NET, Java, PHP, Ruby on Rails, and Node.js. Enjoy seamless development on or offline and across on-premises and cloud-designed apps with Visual Studio integration.

Enable security and compliance-related tasks:

Streamline compliance-related tasks and gain knowledge about activities taking place within your database with auditing which tracks and logs events that occur on your database.

Blend service tiers for innovative designs:

SQL Database is offered in different service tiers to support light-weight to heavy-weight database workloads, so you can move across or blend the tiers together for innovative application designs.

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