In this blog, I’m explaining about GAC in .Net

Each computer on which the common language Runtime (CLR) is installed has a machine-wide code cache called a ‘Global assembly Cache’. The Global Assembly cache (GAC) enables you to share assemblies across numerous applications.

The GAC is automatically installed with the .NET runtime.  The global assembly cache is located in ‘Window/ WinNT’ directory and inherits the directory’s access control list that administrators have used to protect the folder.


 The Global Assembly Cache tool (GacUtil.exe), the allow you to view and manipulate the content of the Global Assembly Cache.

How to add an Assembly to GAC

We can install as assembly into the global assembly cache (GAC) in two way:

Type the following at the command prompt.

gacutil -i AssemblyName

For remove

gacutil /u AssemblyName (Fully Qualified Name of Assembly)

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