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Benefits of Yoga that the world should know about

wendy657 27-Jun-2019

Yoga and meditation have been practised for centuries. It has been a disciplinary mode of exercise to maintain physical mental and spiritual health yoga is being practised by people around the world as it has a lot of benefits. Practising yoga improves flexibility balance stamina and physical strength some common benefits of yoga are listed below -

Relief from back pain -

If a person is suffering from back pain for a long time, the practice of regular yoga helps to reduce the pain. Different stretching exercises increase the core strength resulting in improved flexibility, loosens the muscles and reduces the back pain.

Helps to heal rheumatoid arthritis-

Rheumatoid arthritis may cause a lot of pain and restrict mobility. Some specific forms of yoga prove to help in the pain. The slow and easy pace of these yoga postures release tension and pain of the joints and muscles and also help in increasing physical strength and mobility. Using an eco yoga mat adds to the comfort of the person doing yoga.

Benefits of Yoga that the world should know about

Helps to cure a hangover-

Yoga with its breathing techniques and postures helps to get over a hangover and detoxes the body. Postures like 'plow', 'bow' and 'shoulder stand' help to activate the thyroid glands and boost up body metabolism. Using a natural yoga mat helps while practising such postures. This results in getting rid of the toxins of the body. It also helps in blood circulation, refreshing the mind and the body equally.

Benefits of Yoga that the world should know about

Improve heart health

As mentioned before yoga helps to stimulate blood circulation in the body helps in keeping the heart regular, strong and healthy. It also relaxes the stress levels of the body and helps to lower blood pressure.

Helps to heal migraines

Many yoga asanas as help to prevent and fight the unbearable pain of migraine. The 'bridge' posture is one beneficial force which helps to relax the tension in the neck and the shoulder which are responsible to trigger the migraine pain. When the muscles in these places are overused or misaligned, tension builds up causing migraines.

Regulate digestion

Yoga is the best remedy to a person suffering from constant indigestion and constipation there are a number of yoga asanas that help to squeeze and massage the internal organs to accelerate the digestion of food it is also very beneficial insulating the lymphatic system which helps to flush all the toxins out of the body causing indigestion.

Regular practice of yoga can give multiple benefits to the human body. Apart from physical advantages, yoga helps to give you mental and spiritual peace too. It also teaches is different breathing techniques to release tension and stress. Yoga teaches us to live a disciplined life which helps us grow mentally and spiritually. If you are training under a good yoga teacher, he will help you combat all type of physical ailments by practising yoga asanas in the right way.

Updated 27-Jun-2019

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