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Pearl(Moti) is rules by planet moon (Chandra)

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Is the famous gemstone, Pearl, your favorite amongst precious stones, and is that why you are perusing various shops online? Alternatively, has the Vedic astrologer commanded you to purchase this stone for receiving divine advantages? If the answer is in the affirmative, it indicates that you are being troubled by planet Moon and need assistance in restoring your life’s balance. Pearl birthstone especially ascendants of Cancer, Sagittarius, Pisces, and Leo and also it makes moon strong which is called Chandra in wearers horoscope.

Why has the astrologer advised you to opt for the glowing Moti/Pearl?

Well, this individual could have spotted the weakened position of planet Moon in the sixth, eighth or twelfth house of your birth chart. Yes, in the astrological Solar System, the moon is not a satellite of planet Earth, but a planet on its own. We refer to it as Chandra graha. Obviously, the cosmic vibrations emanating from this planet are negative in nature, and therefore, causing havoc in your life. The only way to overcome your problem is to appease it via its best friend, the Pearl gemstone. It is why astrologers declare that Chandra graha’s stone is Pearl/Moti.

Where should you buy Pearls?

Once you have clarified your doubts about who can wear the Pearl from the Vedic astrologer, you may opt to purchase it from a genuine dealer. Of course, the virtual world is a mix of the trustworthy and the fraudsters! Therefore, you must be careful about your choices.

Towards this end, a small investigation should suffice to guide you towards the perfect online shop. However, we would advise you to purchase your natural Pearls at Several testimonials should serve to convince you about the authenticity of the products on offer from this shop. In fact, you will always receive a lab-certified specimen.

How should you wear Moti?

Note that the manner of weighing the Moti is different from the manner in which other precious stones are weighed. While the latter are weighed in carats, the former is weighed in grains. Around four grains of Pearl are equivalent to a single carat.

Pearl(Moti) is rules by planet moon (Chandra)

Now, you will need a Moti weighing anywhere between five and ten carats for receiving astrological benefits. This means that your stone must weight somewhere between 20 and 40 grains. It is not easy to guess the price, but genuine Pearls are available with cheap pricing at

As soon as you obtain your gemstone, have it placed on an open-backed silver ring. Make sure that you put the ring through a purification ritual, prior to pushing it onto your small finger on the right hand.

How will you benefit?

Over time, the evil forces will disappear from your life, thereby allowing your body and mind to be filled with positivity once again! Your communication skills will improve, thereby helping you build better relationships. You will even acquire qualities, such as humility, tranquillity, etc. Above all, you will enhance your immunity.

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