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4 Types of Research Topics that must be Avoided to get a Better Grade

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Writing a research paper is at times challenging for many scholars, mostly because of the research topic they have selected. Experts offering thesis topic selection service have advised that a scholar should always choose a topic that they are not only interested in, but also the one that they are well versed in.

4 Types of Research Topics that must be Avoided to get a Better Grade

There are plenty of online sources available out there that guides a scholar on the types of research topic one should choose and how to choose it. Although it might help a few scholars in choosing the right topic, it may not be the case with many other scholars. We have conducted a survey among the professionals offering thesis topic selection service and have listed a few types of topics that should be totally avoided while selecting one for the research paper. 

  • Topics that are too broad or narrow - Many a time a topic will have too much information available. It is preferably better to avoid such research topics. If too much data or many different things are involved, you won't be able to go get in-depth knowledge about them. But that doesn’t mean that it is preferable to choose a too narrow topic. This will give rise to another problem, i.e. insufficient data. Either way both the types of topics will lead to an average research paper. Hence avoid such topics.
  • Topics based on single/few sources of information - A research paper is intended to expose the opinions of different authorities, to a variety of articles, books, and other sources of references. If a topic is so meagre that all the data on it is based on a single source, then the purpose of the research paper isn’t served. Also, if you have only a few sources of information available for your topic, then the critical evaluation of the topic becomes difficult as you will rely on the few available sources resulting in repetition of ideas. 
  • Topics that are too technical - Writing about things that are too technical requires technical jargon that you may not be aware of. Stick to topics that don’t demand huge knowledge of technical terms and other technical details. Remember, you will end up struggling with your paper if too many technical details are involved. 
  • Topics that are common/overused - As per Consultant offering Thesis Statistics services in thesis topic selection, topics that have been a subject of the heated debate do grasp your attention. Research on topics like teenage marriage, abortion, the legalization of drugs, capital punishment, global warming, and cruelty to animals has been conducted plenty of times. They do not intend to say that these topics are unimportant, but it is advisable to avoid them; you will be repeating what the previous researchers said but in a quite different manner, which will not add value to your research. 

If you are in need of some suggestions or in need of topic that gives you a better grade, talk to the consultants providing thesis topic selection services.

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