ADO.NET Object Model and Attributes

ADO.NET provides a set of classes for working with data. ADO.NET is a set of classes, interfaces, structures and enumerations that manage data access in the .net framework
ADO.NET has following attributes:

Consists of set of classes that you can use to connect to and manipulate data source

Transfer data into xml format between the database and your web application etc.

ADO.NET object model
ADO.NET object model provides an infrastructure that you can use to access data from different Data Sources.
There are two main component of this object model
Dataset and .Net data provider




Odbc provider

Sqlserver data provider


Oracle Dataprovider

Odbc sources


Oledb sources

Oracle sources

                                     Fig:ADO.NET Object Model

How accesing data with ADO.NET
  • Client makes request
  • Create a sqldatasource
  • Return the data to the client
  • Update the data
  • Use the SQLdatasource to open a data base connection, update the database and close the connection

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