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I have done word document comparison tool (windows application) using ASP.NET. I have used Microsoft word object library to read word document. It is working fine. When I started to do the  project client wanted to compare documents text only I mean need not to compare formats, Header and footer. So I easily did that using document.text  property.  Now client wants to compare even header and footers.  I am unable to read header and footer in sequential manner. Anybody could help me in this regard.


I want to read document in following manner

  1. Read Header if document contain header
  2. Read paragraph contain text
  3. Read Footer

Each page have to be read in above mentioned manner.

I can easily read Header, footer and document contains text alone. As I need to compare source document and destination document line by line and expose mismatched record in report format, I need to read the word document line by line. Please help me

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Ramadurai Jayaraman

  Modified On Sep-18-2014 01:24:10 PM
  1. Hi, I'm not quite sure what your requirements are but here is one simple solution you can try.

    -          Read DOCX file in C# and store its text content as a string (this will also include header/footer text content)

    -          Split documents text content to a string array containing document lines.

    -          Execute string comparison.

    string sourceDocumentText = DocumentModel.Load(desktop + "\\Source.docx").Content.ToString();

    string destinationDocumentText = DocumentModel.Load(desktop + "\\Destination.docx").Content.ToString();


    string[] sourceTextLines = sourceDocumentText.Split(new char[] { '\n''\r''\t' },StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries);

    string[] destinationTextLines = destinationDocumentText.Split(new char[] { '\n''\r''\t' },StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries);


    for (int i = 0; i < sourceTextLines.Length; i++)


        if (string.Equals(sourceTextLines[i], destinationTextLines[i]))




            // Expose mismatched record in report format.



    I used this C# Word component.

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