Credencys Solutions Inc. Is Gearing Up to Adopt iOS 13 for iPhone App Development

Credencys Solutions Inc., one of the leading iPhone app development companies in USA, has a team of tech enthusiasts, who are always eager to explore and adopt the latest technologies and trends, transform the digital space into an application. Credencys loves to stay updated with the latest events and upcoming technologies released by Apple for its users and developers. This time, developers at Credencys are ready to grab information about the latest release, iOS 13.

Apple has all set to release the Beta version of the new operating system with innovative features during WWDC, in June 2019. iPhone app developers of Credencys are keenly waiting for the event that is going to be held in San Jose, where Apple will unveil technical enhancements in the existing operating system iOS 12. Credencys plans to adopt Apple’s upcoming update iOS 13 for robust iPhone app development. The company keeps a weather eye on all minor updates related to iOS 13 Beta in order to deliver advanced iPhone applications.

iOS 13 Beta is going to launch in a couple of months for the developer community. Recently, lots of rumors have come out about the would-be features of iOS 13 Beta. Being an early adopter of the latest technologies, Credencys is exploring all new updates of iOS 13 Beta and learns how to implement these innovative features for iPhone app development.

New Features Expected to be Launched in Coming iOS 13 Beta

  • Dark Mode
  • Merging iOS and macOS (Marzipan)
  • Multiple User Accounts
  • Revamped Volume Pop-up
  • Smart Wi-fi
  • Improved Siri
  • Redesigned Home Screen
  • Availability Status of Contacts
  • Improved Emoji Search
  • Live Photo Update
  • Snoozing Notifications
  • New Message Feature
  • Slide to Unlock

These are the major updates that developers are expecting to be unveiled by Apple in its most awaited event. Several other features, functions, and enhancements are also going to be introduced by Apple. Implementation of the new update allows for user-centered iPhone app development by bringing the app usability to the next level.

The iOS 13 Beta is expected to be released by Apple on 3rd June 2019. The new update will be compatible with almost all the latest Apple devices including iPhones, iPads, and iPod.

iPhone app developers of Credencys are planning how to execute the new updates in iPhone app development in order to gain maximum benefits of iOS platform. Leveraging the new operating system, our iPhone developers will build cutting edge iPhone apps that help businesses achieve their organizational goals.

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