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How technology is changing education!

How technology is changing education!

HARIDHA P 155 16-Dec-2022

This won't surprise us because we live in the 21st century and witness the influence of technology on practically every aspect of life. Education is not far from acknowledging this fact either. Over the past two decades, we have seen how technology has advanced and changed the educational landscape. Technology advancements have led to online education, computer-based remote tests, and students attending classes at foreign universities while residing in other nations.

For teaching, learning, and administrative objectives, educational institutions are embracing technology. The ecology of education is more reliant on cutting-edge technology to deliver engaging lessons. To assist students achieve better learning outcomes, teachers are mastering new technology.Nearly all questions can now be answered by technology. Today, we no longer need printed books to access knowledge; those days are past. 

The books were uncommon and available to just a select few. Instead, because to technology, knowledge is now easily accessible to everyone.There is a vast amount of knowledge available right now in the shape of ebooks, films, photos, etc. Students also access reading materials, announcements, reminders, assignments, tests, and communication via iPads at their workstations and other digital tools. The improvement of the educational system has resulted from it.

Education and Technology

Information and communication technology (ICT) plays a critical role in the education sector today, especially as it integrates into a variety of educational activities. ICT use in education improves learning effectiveness, which provides value to both teaching and learning. It gave learning a new dimension that hadn't been there before. After ICT was introduced to education, students discovered that learning in a digitally enhanced setting was more stimulating and engaging than in a traditional classroom.

I personally favour using technology in school operations since it increases efficiency and convenience. In order to manage daily school operations, technology is a crucial instrument.These days, technological systems keep track of a wide range of data, from parents reporting student absences to teachers recording grades to administrators analysing data. Students can work together on tasks using digital tools, which also allows parents to be informed about their children's development.

But in this day of technology, it can be challenging to keep students interested. Sadly, students' attention spans are getting shorter as a result of continual distractions. The digital environment in which today's students reside allows for the positive application of technology. Students may work together, collaborate on projects, and direct their learning with the help of technology in the classroom. They can also learn more about topics that interest them.

1.Students may turn in assignments as podcasts, blogs, or videos.

2.A classroom on the opposite side of the globe can be used by students.

3.To simplify complex subjects, infographics might be employed.

These are a few methods for incorporating technology into the classroom to create a lively and participatory setting.

Learning in the Future

As a result of new learning solutions emerging, technology has accelerated the growth of the education sector. Students are encouraged to acquire concepts rather than facts as a result of the transition toward digital transformation, which helps them develop essential skills and prepare for the workforce of the future. 

Additionally, this causes the emphasis to shift from teacher-centred learning to student-centred learning.Education is changing as a result of DIY (Do- it- yourself) learning. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) offer a flexible and economical approach to learn new skills and provide high-quality educational experiences to a range of learners through videos or live chat sessions.The way we approach learning has radically changed because to artificial intelligence and gamification technologies. 

Because it piques learners' curiosity, engagement is increased. The education system is evolving quickly as a result of globalisation and technology takeover. Edu-tech, digital learning, and online education will be prevalent in the future. Already, there have been some truly remarkable improvements to our approach to education.

Managing Academics and Extracurriculars

The secret to a great school experience is a balanced approach to academics and extracurriculars. Monthly schedules at our school are made to include creative extracurricular activities alongside the core curriculum. To accommodate significant events while maintaining academic standards, we also create block teaching schedules. Every child is born with a unique talent, but academic aptitude is often an acquired flare. Extracurricular activities help kids to showcase their talent and direct it in the proper directions.

Including extracurricular activities in a child's academic schedule can also aid in time management, helping them establish priorities, and broadening their outlook on the world.Raising well-rounded individuals and independent learners requires both academics and extracurricular activities. It is essential that we give our kids a setting that supports not just their academic development but also their complete personality.I believe that the main difficulty we face now is technological opposition. 

One of the main obstacles to resistance is 'comfort with the status quo,' but it takes many different shapes. With their standard operating procedures, teachers frequently feel at ease. However, pupils demand a pertinent, contemporary, and tailored education that aids in the development of 21st-century abilities. I believe that both the students and the facilitators should stay current on technological trends and advancements. Keep up with the latest developments and news in the field of educational technology. Use the free software, images, films, and apps that are available.

Updated 16-Dec-2022
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