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5 ways online learning is better than classroom learning

5 ways online learning is better than classroom learning

Education2Conf 584 02-Dec-2021

In today’s world online learning has become the new normal. From school children to post-graduate students everyone is engaged in online learning. The importance and scope of online learning increased dramatically because of the pandemic. So in this article we will focus on the positives of online learning. We will look in what ways is online learning better than classroom learning?

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The 5 ways in which online learning is better than classroom learning are given below.

1. Increased Efficiency

Online learning helps teachers in employing various techniques to increase the efficiency of teaching. Teachers can use tools like videos, PDFs, presentations, etc to teach the students. These online resources help in capturing the attention of children which cannot be achieved by merely studying from books. It also helps in making teachers better educators.

2. Better Accessibility

One can attend online classes from anywhere. Students are able to attend classes from the comfort of their homes. Students do not have to travel to school or college to attend classes. The time spent in travelling can be utilized by the students in doing something productive. Another advantage of online learning is that classes can be recorded and shared. Therefore students can also study when they are comfortable and this way can manage their time more effectively.

3. Affordable

Online learning puts less financial strain on students. Physical learning has various added costs. The added costs include the cost of travelling, cost of food, etc. All these extra costs of physical learning are not present when it comes to online learning. One more financial advantage of online learning is the availability of study material in digital format and this is also environmentally friendly.

4. Technical Skills

Online learning will make students better at using digital tools and programs. This will help them a lot in their future as they will be able to use these skills once they are employed. It is necessary that students become accustomed to such digital skills and cultivate them as much as possible. In the future digital skills will become mandatory for a job.

5. Attendance

Students can access online classes from any location of their choice. This allows them to save time travelling and also ensures that they are more likely to attend classes. There are many students who face problems in attending physical classes and have low attendance. This issue is solved with the help of online classes. This will ensure maximum attendance in classes and maximum students will be able to reap the benefits of the class.

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Updated 02-Dec-2021
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