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Does social media promote or harm real-life communication?

Does social media promote or harm real-life communication?

HARIDHA P 136 08-Dec-2022

Social media negatives Authentic Communication

It's simple to converse and communicate with everyone while seated in front of your devices. But as a result, there is less physical contact between individuals. In addition, you may occasionally encounter dangerous or exploitative individuals in these dark regions. Consequently, even though social media is a fantastic platform, it has a downside that many of us prefer to overlook.

Information Overconsumption

The vocabulary of social media has changed. We became aware of and greatly impacted by a concept known as FOMO in this new language. Fear of Missing Out, or FOMO. Everyone is always checking their social media because social media has filled a void inside of them. That is so that you can stay current with events.

Lack of social graces

Real-world social etiquette is less significant now that social media dominates human communication. Sometimes it appears as though people just utter whatever comes to mind. Without considering the reaction of the listener, they speak.

Social media these days consumes us so much. We also fail to remember that a person is using the computer on the other end. Such a conversation is fairly typical and well-known as trolling. This type of communication has led to numerous misunderstandings and miscommunications, which endangers our interpersonal connections.

Disinterest in conversation

The majority of people—nearly 62%—are constantly glued to their phones. They have experienced a significant decline in the caliber of their interactions and their capacity for meaningful engagement. Grammar, feelings, and the application of logic—the fundamental components of communication—have taken a backseat.

We are left with nothing more than acronyms, emojis, and occasionally circulated false news. Since social media emerged, conversation quality has undoubtedly decreased.

Physical Communication Has Lost Ground

Physical conversation has becoming less common now that everyone is on social media. We prefer making a video call or having a discussion with someone rather than coming to see them in person. Despite being fantastic and saving a ton of time, it occasionally has an impact on the relationship.

In addition, social media has made it possible for people to communicate with one other throughout the world, and occasionally we run with those who are trying to damage or take advantage of us. Physical interaction is therefore always beneficial because it allows you to assess a person or his or her behavior. It can be difficult to judge someone when you first meet them because they are hiding behind a screen and are only communicating with you online.


Social media is undoubtedly a terrific thing, but how we use it determines whether it's good or bad. Social media has increased our connection to many people and kept us informed about events across the globe, but it has also negatively impacted our social lives and created a digital bubble around us that we are reluctant to burst.

It is therefore up to you how you use it. Depending on how skillfully and attentively you use social media to your benefit, you might bring the best or the worst of it.

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