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Are social media sites productivity killers?

Are social media sites productivity killers?

HARIDHA P 150 07-Dec-2022

Social media is used by virtually everyone today. It is the newest major drug that people in our day are addicted to. People are so dependent on social media that they check their phones first thing in the morning to see whether there are any pop-up ads, notifications, or messages. They sneak into their phone at the smallest fear at work, where this behavior also manifests itself. Indeed, it is well recognised that using social media at work reduces productivity.

Many businesses have put in place various rules that ban the use of social media at work in order to combat the social media resurgence and to increase workplace efficiency. However, the real query is whether they actually matter.

Social networking site effects on productivity

Social networking platforms are extensively used at work. Because they are accustomed to it, workers now consider it to be an essential part of their daily activities. Social media may be so distracting and seductive for human reasons that are inherently human. People often skip work to check the newest likes, comments, and alerts because their desire for attention and validation is so great.

This behavior is very counterproductive since it diverts attention from a concentrated task, which has a significant negative effect on workplace productivity. Additionally, a worker who is on social media is unaware of the passage of time. As a consequence, individuals wind themselves up using social media for longer than they had expected.

Due dates are missed as a result, which lowers the task's completion rate. The majority of employees use social media to avoid working and waste time.

Many businesses have put in place various social media strategies to combat this threat, including equipping their desktop computers with firewalls. Employers may now keep track of how employees use the internet and social media while on company property and enforce rigorous rules and guidelines. A social media manager might be hired as well to monitor internet usage at work. This can significantly aid in reducing excessive internet usage. It will aid in concentration and productive work on the part of your staff.

On the other hand, there are valid reasons for companies to be wary about their staff's usage of social media. Possible issues include:

Breaches of security Employees could unintentionally download viruses and malware to the workplace networks.

Harassment, stalking, and cyberbullying. Employers may be subject to allegations of discrimination and sexual harassment as a result of online bullying, threats, and harassment.

Harm to the business and reputation of the enterprise. A firm's brand and image can suffer significant harm if workers share sensitive or secret corporate information or make improper posts. Anything that is published online might remain accessible for a long time.

decreased output. Social media may waste a tonne of time, just like any other online activity.

The majority of workers use social media regularly because it is here to stay. Given this fact, businesses may take advantage of social media's benefits and reduce its hazards by creating and executing a thorough social media policy. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) suggests that companies provide their staff with instructions on how to use social media properly, what kinds of corporate information are permissible for sharing and what are not, as well as the repercussions of abusing or misusing work time. Last but not least, it's always a smart idea to have legal counsel assess your social media rules and practices.

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