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5 Applications Of Artificial Intelligence In Digital Marketing

5 Applications Of Artificial Intelligence In Digital Marketing

HARIDHA P 132 16-Nov-2022

The prevalence of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning has significantly influenced the development of the digital marketing landscape during the past five years (ML).

The modern marketer has numerous complicated challenges as a result of the fragmented and fiercely competitive marketing environment of today, including how to maintain the viability of their company and keep customers loyal to their brand.

Programmatic advertising

Before, managing any type of online advertising campaign was a difficult operation that required extensive analysis and study and was prone to human mistake. Now, everything has changed. Programmatic advertising is a sophisticated AI-based system that currently controls the majority of web advertising. This makes the entire process very fast, rapid, and successful because it not only enables the buying and selling of ad inventory in milliseconds, but also takes care of placing advertising on the proper platform, in front of the right target demographic, and optimizing the campaign in real time.

Customized Online Experiential

The ability to encounter tailored information and experiences online, just like in the real world, might mean the difference between gaining the attention of your target audience and disappearing into the background. By adjusting content and delivery based on location, likes, dislikes, online activity, devices, and more, AI enables the creation of distinctive, personalized consumer journeys online. With a differentiated experience and increased relevance, this is utilized to generate customized email marketing, landing sites, and even real-time adverts, improving the likelihood of conversion.

Online Support for Customers

Given how important it is now to provide excellent customer service, AI-powered chatbots are being utilized more frequently to engage in personalized, humanized dialogues with your consumers as and when they need them. AI-powered chatbots can mimic how a human would respond, as opposed to conventional chatbots that operate on specific keyword inputs. Imagine having a trained customer service representative available around-the-clock to handle a variety of customer inquiries from people in all time zones without a long wait. Yes, this is already being used by many well-known brands all over the world, and we can anticipate it gaining more traction.

Content Development

Even though it may seem unbelievable, AI algorithms may be used to produce unique content for your website, blogs, goods, and more. This algorithm creates content that is both meaningful and relevant by evaluating vast amounts of web data that already exist on a certain subject or theme. Businesses that demand short turnaround times on original content, like news companies, can especially benefit from this. Yes, this does have certain restrictions, such as the potential inability to write an opinion piece, but going by the current capabilities, this does seem extremely promising.

Curation of Content

Yes, things do get better. Based on their prior behavior, preferences, geography, and other factors, AI may be used to select and provide your customers and website visitors the most pertinent and interesting content. How's that for generating joy? This is a great method to demonstrate to your customers that you care about them, especially given the growing significance of content marketing in increasing customer happiness. The personalized recommendations that we get on e-commerce websites or video streaming applications are likely already familiar to the majority of us. This is a great illustration of content curation using AI.

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