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Reasons why you don't need an SEO

Reasons why you don't need an SEO

Ashutosh Patel 161 13-Sep-2022

When we hear the term SEO, we automatically think of keywords and blogging, and technical SEO is frequently underestimated. Sitemaps and link health aren't attractive, but they are the base of having a discoverable website. And, after all, doesn't every company want to be found online for at least their name?

Reasons why you don't need an SEO

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Imagine you are a startup, and you have less revenue.

If you were starting a small business with only $10,000 to spend on marketing, you would not implement a robust SEO strategy. You would indeed endeavor to improve your site's five pillars of SEO, but the time and effort required to execute great SEO will deplete your funds and resources.

You would be a great website and promoting your offerings via social media -putting a tiny bit of money into increasing social reach. Work until you can afford to invest in SEO, and then do it. It will be the perfect investment you will ever make in the long term. SEO is a long-term investment, and it is not without cost. Even if you do it yourself, you'll have to spend a lot of time learning something new. You may use that time to work on your business.

The truth is that high-quality SEO efforts are much more than keywords and meta tags. It necessitates a staff of content writers, a website designer and developer, and someone to oversee the strategy and statistics.

Quality SEO necessitates ongoing upkeep to keep up with algorithm changes and retain your ranks. A diversified team and skilled SEO services are required to maintain a high-performing website, which isn't cheap.

Promoting your business

Traditional SEO will not help you sell seats if you have an event to market, especially if it is a first-year event. When an event is listed and ranked on the main index, it is either too late to participate, or the event has already occurred.

The same is true for sites with disparate inventory that constantly changes. Having a product indexed that you won't sell in a month is a waste of time and effort, and SEO is not the best platform for this type of promotion.

Your customers are offline.

Your product or service is reachable, but your customers choose not to look for it online. What factors influence their purchasing decisions? How much reliance and trust do people place on the Internet for information? Is the person who contacts you the same person who decides to purchase from you?

Many customers lack the time and patience to research businesses online. Anyone serious about purchasing a million-dollar luxury home, for example, is unlikely to have the time to search for real estate listings or agents online. Instead, they will seek recommendations.

Some buyers do not even search for your goods or services on the Internet. Older clients, for example, are less tech-savvy and prefer paper listings and marketing.

Other customers are hesitant to purchase your product or service online. The food production business, for example, relies significantly on trade exhibitions and certified associations to learn about new products and services.

That does not imply that there isn't room for content, but it isn't usually the main sales generator. Despite these obstacles, we've developed novel approaches to using content to create leads for our clients. You must moderate your expectations and be inventive.

When you need results too fast

Good things take time, especially search engine optimization, and it may take at least six months to see the benefits of your SEO work.

If you sell a time-sensitive product or a one-time deal, you must develop and execute a content marketing strategy at least a year in advance. In most circumstances, it is not a better solution.

Instead, optimize pages that will be around and relevant in the long run. Avoid investing too much time in search engine optimization when it comes to one-time offers. Instead, focus your efforts on other marketing campaigns such as social media, email marketing, or online advertising.


We all wish our marketing efforts to be successful, and SEO is no different. Whether there are one or multiple issues or challenges in our way, understanding why SEO doesn't work is essential.

SEO is a multi-faceted investment. Knowing where to resolve issues or what can sink them before or after efforts begin can go long way toward making it work and unlocking possible chances for marketing and business goals

Updated 13-Sep-2022
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