Support or comfort? Your next sofa should be both

Support or comfort? Your next sofa should be both

Most people fail to find the ideal couch but instead settle when they get tired of searching for exactly what they want. It can seem like getting a sofa that is both comfortable and offers adequate support is an impossible task, but in reality, you have more options than you realize.

If you have been searching only the local furniture stores you could be missing out on the best sofa. Different brick and mortar furniture retailers are going to carry different brands, and you could drive all over town and never see even half of the brands that are available elsewhere. By contrast, online furniture stores offer many different brands in one place, making it easier to sift through and find the ones you want most.

In order to find the most supportive and comfortable sofa for your home, you will need to sift through product descriptions for certain search criteria. Here are some additional tips for finding a sofa that offers support and comfort for your entire household.

Finding sofas with adequate back and joint support

Sofas that offer adequate support for good posture while sitting for longer periods have some characteristics across brands, styles, and furniture trends. First, you want to look for a sofa that has polyurethane foam interior cushions. This foam is of high density, giving it more support while still having some give for comfort. Back cushions should have the firmest, longest-lasting foam, particularly if they cannot be removed for cleaning and plumping.

Second, good posture requires that your sofa have good back support as well. The back of the sofa should be fairly straight to offer adequate lumbar support. Back cushions, if any, should be filled with high-density foam for firmer back support necessary for good posture.

Finally, you want to make sure that the seat of the sofa isn’t too deep. Shifting to put your back firmly against the back of the couch comfortably isn’t really possible with a deep couch, even though they can be great for lounging, napping, and cuddling. It is better to choose a sofa of average depth with a seat height of about 18 to 22 inches that improves mobility for joint issues.

Where to find comfortable and affordable sofas

Once you have narrowed down the criteria for your new sofa, you can use those points as search terms within Google Shopping or a specific online furniture store. When searching through Google, you may be able to get more ideas of the styles and brands that align with your needs for a supportive sofa for your living room. But you probably won’t find the best prices with Google, because companies pay for inclusion and higher positioning in search results.

Instead, once you are finished browsing on Google, go to a reputable online furniture store that offers many brands to choose from. You will have the most luck finding the perfect sofa at such a site. On one such website, you can search through sofas with a number of filters so that you can find the perfect sofa and buy on

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