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As far as the bedrooms are concerned, the hotel style is currently one of the trendiest ones. However, a bedroom doesn’t have to be elegant to feel luxurious. The luxurious feeling can be achieved regardless of the style of the room. It can also be combined with a feeling of homeliness and harmony.

And it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Our 11 tricks will help you decorate your bedroom luxuriously and stylishly.

1. Bed with Fluffy Duvets

What can be better than a soft bed after a long day at work? Fluffy duvets are just t as important as pillows. By putting a large duvet instead of two smaller ones in your bedroom, you get that lovely hotel feel.
For those of you who do not want to buy new quilts and duvet covers, there is a simple trick to get a fluffier quilt. By adding two thin duvets to the duvet cover, you can get extra warmth and volume. 

2. Make Your Bedroom Colorful 

White is a timeless and beautiful color choice. However, if you want to get an exclusive feel to your bedroom, a little color can help you achieve the desired effect.
Color makes your bedroom look cozy and reduces the risk of it feeling cold. You can also achieve a luxurious feeling by using the right color, especially if it matches other interior elements.

3. Arrange Things Symmetrically

A simple trick to get a more luxurious feel in the bedroom is to decorate it symmetrically. It is often used in hotel rooms where an exclusive feel is required.
Place pillows, bedside tables, and lamps symmetrically. Add some minor details to make the decor look lively and personal.

4. Mix Different Materials

Linen, velvet, cotton, metal, wood, glass, and braided jute. Yes, these are just some of the materials that can be used to decorate a bedroom.
By decorating your bedroom with several different materials, you can create a visually appealing interior design.

5. Gild the Walls

Naked walls create a feeling of coldness and emptiness. If you want to increase the feeling of coziness and make your bedroom look luxurious at the same time, it may be a good idea to hang something on the walls.
A large painting, black and white photos, or a wall lamp will do just fine. This method is popular among college students who want to make their rooms authentic.

6. Use Layered Textiles

As already mentioned, fluffy quilts are a detail that gives your bedroom a luxurious look. But to make it even more beautiful bedroom, you can use layered textiles.
A bedspread or a blanket (or both) draped over the bed end gives a relaxed and elegant impression. For a perfect hotel style, the bedspread can be combined with a neatly made bed.

7. Use Plants

There are a number of benefits to decorating with plants. They can improve the air indoors, increase the feeling of comfort, and even contribute to a better quality of sleep.

Today, plants are an interior element that is present in almost every apartment. Another advantage of plants is that they can provide you with many color choices. For example, you can go with a classic green monstera, simple wicker, or an easy-to-care colorful palette leaf.

8. Update the Wardrobe in Your Bedroom

Is there a wardrobe in your bedroom? You can create a more luxurious feel to your bedroom by painting it the same color as the walls.
Another trick is to use curtains that cover the half- or fully-open wardrobe. It will give your room an airy and romantic feel.

9. Emphasize Style with Details

It is important to maintain the right balance when adding interior details. If there are too many of them, it can get too messy. And if they are too few (or none at all), it will feel cold and impersonal. Invest in some selected details to show your personal style in the bedroom.

For example, put a simple still life on the bedside table or windowsill.

10. Create a Seating Area in the Bedroom

Do you have a large bedroom that is difficult to decorate? Do you want it to feel both cozy and luxurious? Create a seating area in the form of an armchair, seat cushion, or bench on the bed.
A seating area creates a sense of space and becomes a stylish piece that catches the eye. Also, it creates a natural reading or relaxation spot you can enjoy being in during long weekend mornings.

11. Furnish Your Bedroom With a Headboard

A headboard is an inexpensive piece of furniture, but it can really change the whole feeling of your bedroom.

The headboard frames the bed, sets the bedroom’s style, and creates the impression of coziness. By adding a bit of color or new material (or choosing a padded variant), you can make your reading in the evening a little bit more comfortable.

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