Different between ASP.Net MVC and ASP.Net Core.

Different between ASP.Net MVC and ASP.Net Core.


ASP.Net MVC is developed by Microsoft. It does not supports open source to develop website or applications.ASP.NET MVC supports only Windows platform, it is not support cross platform i.e. mac os and linux. It has three major parts - Model, View and Control that help to develop websites and applications.

ASP.Net Core -

 ASP.Net Core supports open source. It used Learn and Compose techniques to developed applications. It supports cross platform like Windows, mac os or Linux operating systems. It has more tools than MVC.

Difference between ASp.Net MVC and ASP.Net Core -

ASP.Net MVC ASP.Net Core
1- Previous version of ASP.Net MVC supports only Windows operating system. ASP.Net core supported Windows, mac os Linux operating systems.
2- It is a powerful and highly testable Framework. It mainly focus on fully open source code.
3- Applications is created in MVC as .aspx(ASP.net) and Razor pages. It develop applications based on learn compose Framework.
4- It has three major parts – Model, View and Controls.  It has not Model, View, Control system.
5- It has many features and powerful tools. It has not more powerful tools  than MVC.
6- It is not supported cross platforms. It supports cross platforms.


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