Different ASP.Net MVC Versions with its features.

Different ASP.Net MVC Versions with its features.

Different versions of ASP.Net MVC -

ASP.Net MVC is an open source software developed by Microsoft. The first version of ASP.Net MVC is developed in 2009. After then Microsoft launches new versions of ASP.Net MVCs with different and new features. The different versions of ASP.Net MVC is as below-

ASP.Net MVC Versions  Visual Studio Code  Features

1- MVC Version 1.0 vs code 2008

Binding automatically.

Help in HTML.

Help in Ajax.


MVC Version 2.0 vs code 2008

Custom templet.

Validation from client side

methods in lambda expression in HTML helper 

MVC Version 3.0 vs code 2010

engine of Razor view.

Remote validation.

Used Global filters

MVC Version 4.0 vs code 2010 and 2012

Templates of mobile projects

Windows azure SDK support.

MVC Version 5.0 vs code 2013

Supporting of Bootstrap.

ASP.Net identities.

filter of authentication.

MVC Version 5.2

Latest version- 5.2.7

vs code 2013 and higher

Updates of minor features.

Fixed bugs.

Attribute based rounting

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