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12 Simple Tips to Help You Win in Ring of Elysium

12 Simple Tips to Help You Win in Ring of Elysium

Pedro Araez 1142 26-Apr-2021

When playing the Ring of Elysium, anything you do can bring you closer to your victory or result in a loss. Playing in an environment where you and fifty-nine others are racing against imminent doom isn’t a walk in the park. Getting to the late game needs an in-depth understanding of the game. In this write-up, I’ve come up with 12 simple tips to help you win in Ring of Elysium. To up your chances, you also might need Ring of Elysium Hacks. You could get them from Battlelog-the industry leader and the worlds’ largest supplier of game cheats.

12 Simple Tips to Help You Win in Ring of Elysium

1. You Don’t Have To Shoot At Everything That Moves

When playing Ring of Elysium, you’ll often notice enemies hiding in a distance. Don’t start shooting at them immediately since your chances of hitting them from a long-range are minimal. Doing so can also prematurely alert them of your presence thus making them to retaliate and eliminate you before you do.

2. Avoid Creating Too Much Noise

Don’t shoot anyhow. Don’t break windows and cause unnecessary damage. All these create a lot of noise that can attract the attention of your opponents.

3. Where Two Are Fighting, Try Your Shots

When you hear gunshots, probably some players are fighting each other. As such, there are high chances of them noticing you. Pull your trigger, start a surprise attack and try to kill at least one. Probably they’ll even have depleted their health bars. That’s much easier than a one-on-one encounter.

4. Choose A Weapon That Suits Your Preference

Before starting a match, choose your pack wisely. Each pack has different weapons. Climbing packs give you a shotgun while the gliding and skiing pack has pistols. Choose a pack that suits your needs and preference.

5. Cautions When Using Vehicles

First, be cautious about how you use vehicles considering they’re loud and likely to draw every gun towards you especially while driving through a town. That doesn’t mean you avoid them completely. But, if it’s a must you use one, avoid following roads, don’t drive inside a safe zone, and avoid built-up areas. I recommend a snowmobile if you have to use one, it’s quite quiet and fast.

Secondly, don’t jump off your vehicle while in motion. I’ve seen situations whereby characters die after jumping out of a car especially if it was at a high speed. If you do and survive, your health points can reduce to 10, the game is really punitive here.

6. Don't Be Everyone Else, Be Strategic

When playing Ring of Elysium, avoid starting a match in towns or locations that are full of other plays as that can easily lead to your death. Instead, start in the mountains where you have lesser chances of meeting other players. There are also high chances of meeting a small cabin with supplies.

7. Be Patient

If you see a group of enemies, take cover and wait until they move far from you. Try to move behind buildings and other covers.

8. Always Be On The Move

Ring of Elysium isn’t a game whereby you can just sit or hide and wait for everyone to kill each other, you have to be active. If you stay inactive in one spot for too long, your character will freeze and die.

9. Escape While Healing

In this game, all healing items can be used while you’re on the move. Whether it’s a bandage or a med kit, you can apply them while moving. So you run and heal all at once.

10. Watch the Map

Towards the end when the map has ash all over, there’s a final location left and all remaining characters will be highlighted on the map. Check it regularly to maximize your chances of getting the drop on your opponent.

11. Get Ready For Airdrop Fights

With the Ring of Elysium, the best chances of getting the best weapons in terms of specific machines guns or assault rifles will be on airdrops. However, you ought to be careful since you aren’t the only one keen on an airdrop’s location. Tool up and be ready to take them down when you get there.

12. Learn The Ring Of Elysium Controls

Endeavor to get to grips with the Ring of Elysium controls since several options are unique to it compared to other battle royal games. Luckily, you have an ever-growing family in battlelog and you could get all hacks from them easily.

The Bottom Line

I hope the above tips will help you pick up a win in your next Ring of Elysium or just help you tighten up your game. If none suits your play style, sorry but, they’re more for newer players.

Updated 10-May-2021

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