5 Games You Should Play to Improve Your IQ level

5 Games You Should Play to Improve Your IQ level

Intelligence refers to the individual’s measurement of the ability of learning, reasoning, understanding, and other forms of mental activity, which is something inborn for all human beings yet we all are different in terms of IQ level. Scientist says that a certain level of intelligence can be achieved through proper training and skills development mastery, Everything can be learned because your brain has the potential. Intelligence is shaped by both genetics and environment, a case of nature and nurture.

A fair amount of intelligence definition also includes the ability to apply the previously perceived information on a new task.

If genetics doesn’t work out in your favor, you can always benefit from the nurture aspect of intelligence. You boost your cognitive skills through games such as brain teasers. puzzles. riddles. logic quizzes and exercises. Certain intelligence games are problem-solving exercises in disguise and others openly state the purpose of the games. Here are 5 sorts of games you can play to improve your fluid and crystallized intelligence.

Memory Games:

We all have played memory games in some form. The most famous form of memory games are those where you match the pairs to clear up a level. The more intense practice for improving memory would be playing games such as those that require you to remember a certain pattern of objects by perceiving it for a limited time and relocate them. According to a study by Dr. Susanne Jaggi Dual N-Back, it suggests the individuals who regularly play memory games for at least 25 minutes can increase a four-point score on their IQ.

Word Games:

A diverse vocabulary holds a lot of importance in higher studies and especially in your professional life. You can improve your word arsenal and vocabulary immensely by playing word games / scribbles/ scrabbles. Crossword puzzles help you remember the words and use them in situations. Hence, enhancing both your fluid and crystallized intelligence.

Video Games:

Violence is not the only thing video games promote and motivates in children and adults. Despite the contrary arguments video games have a lot of cognitive benefits. If you choose wisely then videos games can help you improve concentration, perception, memory, quick thinking and problem-solving.

Graph Games:

There are certain graph games commonly knowns as Bar Graphs, Scaled Picture Graphs, Scaled Bar Graphs, Data Word Problems. These games are majorly developed for children. There are certain less known  for adults for enhancing the crystallized intelligence yet these games are accessible in a few countries only.

Puzzles and Riddles:

The most exciting and attention-grabbing games are puzzles and riddles for keeping active and enhancing your logical reasoning. This category of the game differs in difficulty level according to age. Riddles helps you widen your perception and improve critical thinking,

If you challenge yourself often and train your brain you can benefit from enhanced visual awareness, level of attention, visual and motor skills coordination, control and flexibility, analytical skills, multi-tasking. Some of the common games usually played among adults include Rubik’s cube, chess, Sudoku, Scrabble.

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