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7 Tips For Starting A Career In IT

7 Tips For Starting A Career In IT

Pedro Araez 691 23-Apr-2021

Information technology (IT) entails using electronic gadgets for securing, storing, and processing electronic information and data as well as computers with software. If you choose to be part of the IT industry, there are many career paths you can choose from.

With that said, starting a career in IT can be scary. This is the case regardless of whether you’re a fresh college graduate or you’ve switched to IT from another field. You might feel lost and not know where and what exactly to do. If you’re in that state right now, you can make the journey to become an IT expert less daunting by trying these useful tips:

  1. Look Into All Of The Possible Career Paths

The first thing to do if you want to become an IT professional is to make a list of all the tech positions you might be interested in doing. This is vital because IT is such a wide field and there are numerous options to consider, including the following:

  • Project manager
  • Business analyst
  • Software developer
  • Back-end or front-end designer
  • System analyst
  • Chief information officer
  • Network engineer
  • IT director
  • Computer support specialist

Once you know the different kinds of tech jobs out there, it’ll be a lot easier to choose a career that suits your strengths. As a result, you’ll have a much easier time transitioning into this new career path.

 2. Get IT Certifications

For you to become a proficient IT professional, it’s a must to have the necessary certifications. With them, you’ll be able to prove your skills to your prospective employer. You can get certified by pursuing a degree, which will take you between two to four years.

If you don’t wish to spend all that time studying, consider certifications that usually take only a few weeks to complete. Some of the entry-level certifications you can go for are Security+, Network+, CompTIA A+, and ITIL. Having proper certification is a good way of compensating for your lack of or limited experience when applying to different types of entry-level IT jobs. You also stand an equal chance of employment as more seasoned applicants.

To get a certification, you can choose between hands-on or in-person training and self-studying. Afterward, you’ll be able to take an online certification exam that will determine whether you have a clear and in-depth understanding of everything you learned during training. If you pass, you’ll be in a position to address a wide range of IT issues.

3. Networking

Networking in today’s social age is more powerful than ever. Therefore, you shouldn’t overlook this in your quest to become an IT professional. Networking with other tech gurus allows you to get advice on how they established themselves in this competitive industry. Moreover, when searching for staff, most employers prefer to hire individuals who’ve been recommended by more experienced professionals. This saves them the time they would have otherwise spent interviewing individuals whose capabilities they don’t know about.

As you network with other established persons, you shouldn’t feel shy about asking them questions regarding their skills, education, and career. You can also turn to them for useful insights that will be vital in your journey as an IT professional. If you don’t know anyone in IT, take advantage of social media apps such as LinkedIn.

4. Always Be Up To Date On Trends

Tech is an ever-evolving industry, so to increase your chances of success in it, you need to always be updated on the latest trends. With that kind of knowledge, you’ll be able to mold your skills to be appropriately in line with what’s in demand within the industry. To stay informed on all tech-related matters, there are several technology websites you should check on the regular, including Engadget, and TechCrunch.

5. Set Goals

Having clear goals is integral to your quest to establish a career in IT. This is one thing many aspiring IT experts often overlook and is the cause of their downfall. If you know what your goals are and lay out a plan to achieve them, you’ll be able to ease the learning process. You'll also be more aware of how quickly you’re progressing.

So you won’t forget your set goals, write them down on a notebook or use an app on your phone to list them. Doing so will also give you the drive and push to become an IT expert, especially during stressful times. However, you must have achievable goals. Otherwise, you might feel that they’re overwhelming, and this may hinder you from moving forward. To prevent that, break down your IT goals so you can attain them one step at a time.

7 Tips For Starting A Career In IT

6. Find A Suitable Internship

Studying IT is different from practicing IT. To get the appropriate experience to propel your career, you need to apply for an internship with different companies regardless of their size.

Some of these internships pay well, while others either pay little or not pay at all. Regardless of the case, you should take this as an opportunity to get the practical experience needed to succeed as a tech professional. An internship is also a chance to help you assess your potential career as an IT expert.

7. Be Self-Motivated And Persistent

It’s a well-known fact that becoming an IT professional is challenging. Therefore, being motivated is essential in achieving your goal of becoming a professional tech guru. This means consistently pushing yourself throughout your career in tech. Otherwise, you’ll be at a disadvantage over your competitors.

One trick to ensure you don’t become demotivated down the line is to pick an IT specialty that you find interesting. After all, if you enjoy what you’re doing, you’ll have more reason to keep pursuing it.


While you most likely are tense about how your entire experience will be like, feeling that way is normal. And don’t worry because it will die down the more you familiarize yourself with what needs to be done to become a successful tech professional. What’s more, if you follow the tips mentioned here, you might just become an IT expert and reach your career goals before you know it.

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