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How Mobile Optimization Affects your Conversions

How Mobile Optimization Affects your Conversions

Grace Themes1427 22-Sep-2020

Everyone makes a decision of buying any products from those who have responsive designs. Responsiveness is the most important factor that matters a lot for every website whether it is for personal or professional use. This is the reason why most of the people are driving their attention towards potential strategy known as mobile optimization. Actually mobile optimization is a process of optimizing your WordPress website for mobile devices.

You can create an overwhelming experience for small device users, rather than simply changing the content position and compressing the image.

Even if your complete website looks responsive on mobile phones then also it is not enough to enhance user experience.

So the question is how you will do mobile optimization to enhance your business?

When you land on the unresponsive website where buttons are not clickable, the text is not readable and it requires endless scrolling you will get frustrated and will try to leave that page. Leaving a page without performing the action will increase the bounce rate and will minimize the conversion rate which is very poor for getting desired search engine results.

This is the main issue that why you need to perform mobile optimization.

Let us see how a well-optimized website can help you in high conversion rate

The friction will be reduced and will enhance conversions by performing mobile optimization.

As per the research, in 2016 the total conversion rate was 3.63 percent for desktop computers whereas the global conversion rate was 1.25 percent for smartphones.

The fact is nowadays people spend much time on mobile phones than the user who is active on desktop. After knowing this figure it becomes obvious how mobile optimization is required for every small and large scale based business owner. But how conversion rate gets affected?

Mobile optimized website will give less stress to your users as they will be provided with some useful features such as

 Auto-detect location settings

 Large buttons

 Multiple screens so that you don't need to scroll

 Autofill form fields

 Smaller images

 Guest checkout option

All of these features will help your website by reducing friction. The business will get more traffic which will be easy to buy services and products from their website through any handheld devices without leaving their page. Different methods are there that can be used to get your website ready for handheld device users. The most popular and effective solution is responsive design but there are some more factors that should be considered.

9 Tips for mobile optimization are

1. Always choose mobile friendly WordPress themes for designing a website.

2. Make the use of structured data that will permit search engines like Google and Yahoo to showcase rich snippets.

3. With the help of WordPress plugins such as Smush Images, compress your website images.

4. Some elements are non-mobile friendly so try to convert well to small screen devices

5. Add AMP i.e. accelerated mobile pages to your WordPress installations with the help of a plugin.

6. Check whether popup are working properly. You can make the use of the Popup plugin to engage more users in a few clicks.

7. Make your website visually appealing by adding video content. The video will help you to engage your visitors for a longer time.

8. Do not make use of Flash elements because it can slow your website speed and performance.

9. The checkout Page should work faster.

Lots of website development companies offer services for mobile optimization themes. One of the best theme development companies is Grace Themes which offer mobile friendly WordPress themes.


There are many factors that will help you to engage customers and make your website mobile-friendly but some of the top 9 factors are listed above that help you for mobile optimizations

Updated 22-Sep-2020
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