How to set up Verizon email on windows mail?

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Verizon is a wireless service and products provider which is based in America. It is known for providing internet services, email and video, and advertising platforms. It also provides cyber security features to protect users from cybercrime, theft, and malware. You can now get Verizon through your AOL mail and you just need to configure and set it up. There have been many questions asked by customers regarding the setup of Verizon email on Windows mail. It has been made aware that a lot of you face so much difficulty while trying to set it up on windows mail. And truth to be told, it is kind of a lengthy and complicated process. You need to be patient and careful while you are carrying out the steps as it involves many little details which are very crucial for the setup. So if you want to know how to do this, you can either continue reading or ask for help from the representatives at Verizon customer service number.

Check for a strong internet connection before you start the process as requires you to have a connection to the internet. Now proceed accordingly:

 The first thing you need to do is open the windows mail on your computer.

 Go to start menu and select mail from here to launch Windows mail.

 Now click on settings which will be located on the lower left of the screen.

 And under this option, click on ‘manage accounts’.

 Now choose the desired email account or address and then proceed by typing the email address and password.

 Click on the ‘change mailbox sync setting’ and configure the settings as per your requirement.

 Now click on the ‘advanced mailbox settings’ option and make the necessary configurations.

 You need to provide the incoming and outgoing email server details. And make sure that the outgoing mail server is authenticated.

 You should also use the same username and password for sending mail and you should provide an SSL for both incoming and outgoing mail.

 Once you are done providing all the required details, click on ‘done’ then save the changes.

If you require any extra information or detail, you can call the representatives at Verizon technical support number. Your problems will be handled by a professional employee who will instantly provide you with the details and information you desire.


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