Visual Studio LighSwitch is a rapid application development tool to push data-centric application quickly into the hands of customer for use on the desktop or in the cloud. Basically, lightswitch is an intelligent architecture on top of Silverlight 4. Microsoft Visual Studio LighSwitch helps you solve specific business needs by enabling you to quickly create professional-quality business application, regardless of your development skills.

Most business applications have a large code base dedicated to addressing operations that create, read, update and delete elements. Typically, in this kind of application, a large amount of time is spent on the following development tasks:

1.       Writing code to interact with a data source.

2.       Creating a User Interface.

3.       Writing code to specify the business logic.

With LightSwitch, you can use databases which are automatically created or point to an existing data source without the need to write code. We will apply simple validation such as required filed validator etc on it. For creating user interface it will provide us a set of templates to create a user interface.

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