Basically window object contain the browser frame or window. Window object contain some important object in Java Script.

 Window object is global object. Which are used in many cases? These are:

·         Location Object

·         History Object

·         Document Object

·         Navigator Object

·         Screen Object

Location Object: the location object contains details on the current page’s location.

History Object:  the history object contains the history of pages visited by the user.

Document Object: The document object represents your page. It also contain some other object as

1.       Forms Object

2.       Images Object

3.       Links Object

Navigator Object: the navigator object holds information about the browser.

Screen Object: the screen object contains information about the display capabilities of the client.

Note: These entire objects have important properties and methods.

For Example:

History object contain method like back (), forward (), and go () etc.

History. Back ();

History. Go (-1);



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