When a message can be processed in different ways is called polymorphism. Polymorphism means many forms.  Polymorphism is one of the fundamental concepts of OOP.

Polymorphism provides following features:

·         It allows you to invoke method of derived class through base class reference during runtime.

·         It has the ability for classes to provide different implementations of methods that are through the same name.

Polymorphism is of two types:

(1)    Compile Time polymorphism /Overloading

(2)    Runtime Polymorphism/ Overriding

Compile Time polymorphism:

Compile Time polymorphism is method and operators overloading. It is also called early binding.

In method overloading method performs the different task at the different input parameters.

Compile Time polymorphism:

Compile Time polymorphism is done using inheritance and virtual functions. Method overriding is called runtime polymorphism. It is also called binding.

When overriding a method, you can change the behavior of the method for the derived class. Overloading a method simply involves having another method with same prototype.


Public class print


Public void display(string name)


Console.WriteLine(“Your name is :” +name);


Public void display(int age, flot markes)


Console.WriteLine(“Your age is :” +age);

Console.WriteLine(“Your mark is :” +marks);




Static void main()


Print  obj=new print();

Obj.display(“Mind Stick”);






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