How to Choose the Right Lawyer to Handle Your Child Custody or Visitation Case

How to Choose the Right Lawyer to Handle Your Child Custody or Visitation Case

A divorce can be one of the most challenging experiences you'll go through, and it is very important to have the right people on your side to make the more unpleasant legal aspects of the situation no more stressful or difficult than they need to be. If you are dealing with a scenario where you need to come to an arrangement with your former spouse over custody of a child or children, or of visitation and access, then you absolutely need to find a lawyer that is able to act in your best interests and work hard to ensure you get the rights to your family that you need.

Many law firms offer family law services that include custody and visitation cases, and so you will probably need to check out a few different providers in your area before deciding who you want to have helping you through family court. Here are some things to think about when you are choosing.

Reviews from Clients

These days, you shouldn't really have to make any major decisions when it comes to hiring people for services without the information provided by people who have already used them. For any of the firms you may be thinking about working with, take a look at what other people are saying about them online. Don't just look at the ratings, either, take a look at the reviews or testimonials in a bit more detail and try to see if there are satisfied clients who had situations similar to your own, and what people are saying about the aspects of the law firm that may matter to you most in this situation - for example how sensitive the lawyer was to the client's personal circumstances during this difficult time. You can see, for example, that this family lawyer Charleston SC has very positive reviews from a large number of clients, and this can be a sign that they are a good one to talk to about your case.

Have a Consultation

Many law firms will offer you a consultation session to come in and talk about the case in an informal way before you hire them to take it on for you. This allows you to get a feel for whether you gel with the lawyer who would be taking care of your custody case. This can be very important in sensitive situations, as while you may not need to particularly like your lawyer for most legal matters, when it comes to family law you really do need someone you feel comfortable discussing your most personal matters with and entrusting with things that are very important to you.


Another thing that may help you find the right lawyer is to talk to people you know who have been through divorces and see if they would recommend the law firm that handled their custody or visitation. You may not know anybody who has done this, or you may feel uncomfortable asking people, but a word of mouth recommendation if you can get one can often be the most solid endorsement.

These are three things to do when you are in the process of trying to find the right family lawyer for you.

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