Popular Reasons that Make JavaScript the Ideal Fit for Startups

Popular Reasons that Make JavaScript the Ideal Fit for Startups

When it comes to app development, a robust programming language is an absolute must. For it is the language that will practically serve as the foundation upon which you build the product. Therefore, JavaScript stands out as the ideal choice. Widely regarded as a high-powered programming language, JavaScript is prototype-based. It is a popular tool for building various digital entities, such as online programs, interactive web pages, and more. It is why many businesses have embraced JavaScript; in fact, it has emerged a particularly favorite option among start-ups. Honestly, we are not very surprised to see start-ups taking up JavaScript, especially when you see that this dynamic language aptly fulfills their user-centric requirements.

Besides being a highly effective and efficient language for app development, JavaScript is also celebrated in the developing world as a very cost-effective resource. Also, then there's also the fact that it enables exquisite levels of security, which, by the way, is a significant concern for customer focused start-ups as well as other established organizations. Therefore, let's take a deep dive into a handful of factors to understand what makes JavaScript so popular among start-ups.

  1. Speed: Virtually every JavaScript framework out there offers an abundance of different features; but there's one that you will experience with every single one of them: speed. Since users today expect seamless speed, these meticulously designed frameworks go to severe lengths to make sure that the response rate is nothing short of impressive.
  2. Efficacy: JavaScript empowers start-ups with access to a variety of frameworks that can convert several lines of code from one language to another but with lesser code. It, in turn, renders the process quick as well as efficient. Imagine completing development projects in, say, a couple of weeks, instead of God knows how many months.
  3. Reduced costs: Developing apps is a capital-intensive endeavor, which can be a significant hurdle for start-ups, which are typically cash-strapped. Thankfully, most leading JavaScript frameworks are open-source, which means one less cost the start-up has to worry about. Also, since these frameworks facilitate the development of a vast majority of apps, the amount of money one invests for the development of the final product is reduced considerably.
  4. Security: Anything that exists on the digital realm must be secure -- that much is understood. However, how do you ensure that without burning a hole in your pocket? Well, JavaScript frameworks already come integrated with many security features. Besides that, the massive global community of developers is also there to help find and remediate any security-related issues.

Before we wrap up this article, we will tell you this: There are a plethora of other reasons, besides the ones listed above, that make JavaScript so well liked among businesses and organizations of all sizes. However, even these key factors are compelling enough to make a case for why you should find yourself a leading front-end development company and start leveraging JavaScript for your business' app development requirements right away.

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