How Oral Health Can Affect Other Problems

Your oral health can affect several other problems in the body. Read about them below.

Heart Disease: Endocarditis

Bacteria build-up in your mouth attack gums and teeth together, causing gingivitis aka the gum disease, which further leads to gum bleeding. Once gums start bleeding, the colonies of bacteria start flowing through the bloodstream where they reach different body parts. When a colony of bacteria reaches the heart, it can cause endocarditis, which is an infection on your heart chambers. 


Diabetic patients can have a hard time if they get into serious dental problems such as periodontitis, which is a condition of gum inflammation. If gums start getting away from teeth and develop gaps, they can get infected and upon infection, it gets hard for the body to consume insulin in the presence of the infection. A high level of blood sugar increases the infection in the mouth. To avoid this vicious cycle, it is important to maintain a healthy dental health.


A simple theory to understand why lungs can get that unhealthy bacteria is that we in-take air from our mouth sometimes. If a mouth full of bacteria takes air inside, there are possibilities that lungs will also get infected through the bacteria. Not only it can cause Pneumonia but you can catch other respiratory problems. 

Oral health is very important and not being orally healthy can lead to severe issues. To keep your oral health sound, get regular checkups from Potomac Dentist MD.

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