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A Comparative Analysis of JQuery vs JavaScript

A Comparative Analysis of JQuery vs JavaScript

Anonymous User 875 07-Sep-2019

Some important points to remember

JavaScript jQuery
The weakly typed dynamic programming language jQuery is a fast and concise JavaScript Library
The scripting language for interface interactions and for controlling the document content jQuery provides a framework which makes event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions simpler and faster
An interpreted language Utilization of the resources provided by JavaScript to make things easier
Here need to write your own scripting which may take time No need to write much scripting which already exists in jQuery
Mostly all developers need to handle multi-browser compatibility by writing their own JavaScript code It is a multi-browser JavaScript library which reduces the work of developers during deployment
Generally, developers are prone to make many common browser-related errors. Now no developers have to worry about browser compatibility issues.
Need not include anything to work in the browser as all modern browsers support JS We need to include jQuery library URL in the header of the page to jQuery when using jQuery in our application
More lines of code Minimum lines of code
Faster in accessing DOM It is suitable for complex operations because where developers are prone to mistakes and write bad lines of code.

Benefits of jQuery 

  • We can code the most common JS actions using jQuery with fewer lines of code.
  • Browser compatibility – you can write code which runs across browsers without having to know the various browser intricacies and won’t break.
  • Let’s you write JavaScript quicker and easier.
  • Avoids common browser errors
  • Simplification of usually complicated operations – complex operations like Ajax interactions, animation, event handling, etc. are handled by jQ with the best lines of code.
  • jQ is battle-tested and uses the fast and best lines of code for accomplishing most tasks.


JQuery is well matched for many applications, particularly ones which require fast development. JQuery takes care of the common browser errors by ironing the fixes right into the library. JQuery additionally takes care of browser compatibility issue that may be a developer’s nightmare throughout the preparation.

Using JavaScript or jQuery very depends on you want and alternative factors. Most of the online development comes can work dead fine victimization jQuery. However, there'll be a little share that will need JavaScript.

Since pure JavaScript is that the best activity methodology of client-side development, there's a reason to use it. However, a library like jQuery can assist you to induce to promote quicker and cheaper. So, it's higher to rely heavily on jQuery for the initial versions of your product. Once your product is established within the market and you've got the revenues to travel back and refactor the code, you'll be able to act and custom code all the script.

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