Is Any Specific Reason To Choose Node.js For The Application Development?

Is Any Specific Reason To Choose Node.js For The Application Development?

The developers can make use of asynchronous and event-driven I/O APIs.  It can also explain the javascript code through Google’s V8 javascript engine. Node.js operates based on a single-threaded event-based loop to make all executions in non-blocking.

The node.js javascript makes an event to drive in lightweight and efficient. And also perfect for the data that is intensive in real-time applications that run across the distributed services. The development application that requires a persistent connection from the browser to the user can make use of the node.js. It will be more useful due to its lightweight architecture for microservices. The architecture of this Node.js has designed to allow a better performance and speed for the application that is built.

1. Scalability Can Be Done Easily

Node.js developers from Node.js development companies have an advantage to their application that they can easily scale up their app in the vertical direction and also in the horizontal direction, where the system can manage to scale the horizontal manner by addition of additional nodes to the existing system.

It also offers an option that you can add extra resources to the single nodes while handling in the vertical scaling of the application. Hence it is a better option in means of scalable the javascript servers than the other servers which based on javascript.

2. It Can Access Easily

Javascript is one of the important and popular programming languages where most of the front-end developers were making their career in this field. Among the javascript, node.js is easier to grasp the concept and fun to learn with this environment. It is helpful to make you advance in the programming stream and to know the logic of the code.

3. Single Programming Language

You may be aware of this note that node.js offers functionality to be worked on both of the sides of applications. It means it allows the developers to utilize the front-end and the back-end side of the web application using the run time environment of the javascript. If you are familiar with this language then you need not worry about developing the web application as it won’t use any other special server-side programming language to write down more that’s what it acts as a single programming language for the web application.

4. Full-Stack JS Gives You More Profit

As I mentioned earlier that node.js works on both the front end and back-end side of the web application hence it is easy to develop an application for those who know to work in node.js. It is also helpful to save time and bucks spending on the employee as a developer.

5. Easily Can Attain High Performance

Google V8 is an open-source high performed javascript engine written in C++ developed by Google chrome. This V8 javascript engine uses the client-side as Google chrome and server-side as node.js. This has been designed to increase the performance of javascript execution inside the web browsers. Obviously, by this statement, you may come to know the performance it offers to enhance the system. By using these javascript, the execution speed gets enhanced by the runtime environment and it also supports the non-blocking I/O operations.

6. Large Community Is Still Working Towards Updates

The community of node.js is working towards the user engagement to enhance them to develop the application by approaching in every aspect of their favor. The stable release 12.8.1 has been released on August 15, 2019. Due to its feature of supporting many operating systems such as Linux, macOS and Microsoft Windows the community gets larger. The community works to create easy solutions and codes in GitHub.

7. Pros of Caching

The internal caching module is simple and fast. It is an open-source environment in which the run time also provides the feature os catching the single modules. It functions as much fast such as it gets any request from the first module, it automatically catches in the application memory. It responds fast to the user and developers don’t require re-executing the codes as caching allows applications to load the web pages faster.

8. Flexible To Develop Apps

It is easy to develop an app and software using Node.js as it doesn’t require any separate platform to hold the application to run. This is absent from many frameworks. Even you can begin from scratch to develop applications.

9. Common Tools Can Enhance Node.js

Node.js can support by many tools in the software industries. Let me give you an example. If you need to test the source code where the application was built by node.js you can make use of the mocha tool and any other related tools for testing purposes. You can make use of npm when you need to identify and install the project dependencies. Npm is a powerful package manager for javascript programming. It handles modules in place so that it is easy to find the node and manages the dependency conflicts intelligently. To support it is extremely configurable to a wide variety of cases. Mostly, it is used to publish, discover, install, and develop node programs.

10. Requests Can Maintain Concurrently

The Node.js has an option of non-blocking I/O systems. It is used to process several requests concurrently. It can handle this kind of concurrent request efficiently that is better than other programs such as Ruby or Python.  The requests that are lined up via incoming were executed rapidly and structurally.

11. Node.Js Is Capable Of Extending

As per the requirement of the client to build the feature of the app or any software based on Node.js is highly extensible. Even you can make use of JSON to exchange the data between the server and the client by providing the scope. It is featured with built-in APIs to develop TCP, DNS, HTTP, etc.


Node.js is capable of developing an application with more advantages than other javascript. If you are looking to create you as a full stack developer then you can use this platform to build you. I hope the above words might give you the importance of using the Node.js to develop the application.

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