Bosses and senior manager are generally more focused on production and profit. They are looking for cost cutting ways and try to find easy solutions to all problems and reducing the possibility of better results. Their search for higher profits many times leads them to compromise on the quality.

There are some software companies in San Francisco that give a much wider berth to make decisions to their developer. This will allow them to find the perfect solution. The resulting product will be according to the required standards and in many cases can even help in reducing costs.

Things that bosses are not aware of:

Bosses mostly get to know things that are told by their juniors. Despite getting news through multiple channels, there are a few things that bosses want to know from their developers. The things are:

Will there be technical debt?

Many companies focus on cost cutting heavily. In that case many a time they tend to forego the quality and then later fret about it. Bosses want to know the technical debt the company will fall into if they choose cost cutting. Many managers and non-technical staff will never understand this aspect, and therefore they prefer to hear it through their developers.

Will the estimates actually work?

Managers can give estimates, but people who actually work really know what will be actual figures. When the figures are presented to the boss, they like to know if indeed, the estimates will turn to real statistics? Or will there be a shift? This confusion can have an impact on the overall end product in the long run.

What is the actual time required?

Time constraints are the main problem when it comes to software developments. Managers give a certain time limit, and the developers require a certain amount of time and the mismatch between the two leads to a severe misunderstanding which ultimately affects the product quality. Bosses want to know how much time would be required to complete the project because, in the software developer's language, the product can either be right or fast!

Is the whole team functional?

Usually, teams are not fully functional; there are team members who do not work and produce no input yet they remain a part of the team. Often, bosses are interested in knowing if the whole team is gelled well and there is no discord.

Are the types of equipment perfect?

Upgrading equipment is one of the most challenging tasks. But good bosses like to remain updated about the requirement of the types of equipment.

Should any new sister technology be adopted?

Technological changes can be very taxing as there is usually a lot of resistance from employees. To ensure that there are no conflicts newer technology should be made a part of the office as and when required.

Is there harmony between the project manager and the software developer?

Usually, managers tend to misunderstand and misinterpret the requirements of a software developer, and this leads to unnecessary tension. Bosses who are concerned about their employees like to stay updated!


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