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Why AngularJS is preferred over HTML for web application development?

Arun Goyal 3623 25-Feb-2019

Why AngularJS is preferred over HTML for web application development?

Angular JS is a highly famous and prevalent structural framework used for developing interactive web applications. It is an open source JavaScript based framework that has become hugely popular due to its intuitiveness and rich features.  

AngularJS is the most preferred choice of developers who are looking to build robust and scalable Single Page Applications, SPAs. The structure of these apps is composed in JavaScript and it allows the developers to deploy HTML as a template language. Besides developing user-friendly, interactive and graphic-rich web apps, the framework also allows the developers to build client-side applications.  
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Significance of AngularJS in web development :

AngularJS was launched in 2009 by Google, and ever since then, the framework has created major ripples in the web development industry. The open source framework revolves around HTML, CSS and JS. It comes with a large number of plugins for developers and designers that help in effectively casting feature-rich applications. In fact, nowadays, it is extremely hard to imagine the development of a modern SPA without the use of AngularJS.  

Additionally, one of the best things about AngularJS is that it is completely developed and maintained by Google. This is a significant assurance that you are working with a dependable code base that will proficiently scale with your activities. There are some other JavaScript frameworks as well which are built by a community of free developers. In such a case, reliability can often become an issue. But with AngularJS, developers are given an amazing opportunity to learn from certified experts and get their issues resolved by professionals.  

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Pros of AngularJS:

  •  Two-way data binding:

The framework allows for quick and easy data binding that can be effectively done sans the intervention of the developer. The two-way data binding helps to make sure that every change made to the view is immediately reflected in the model and vice-versa. This is an important advantage of AngularJS which is not available in most frameworks.

  • Directives:

AngularJS makes use of directives that help in keeping all the scripts and HTML pages absolutely organized. These allow the developers to assign special behaviors to the DOM, Document Object Model and thereby create rich, dynamic and engaging content with HTML. Apart from pre-defined directives, the developers can also build custom directives.

  •  Faster application prototyping:

Another amazing advantage of the framework is that it facilitates quick and effective application prototyping. By writing significantly less code, the developer can build smart and functional prototypes, obtain feedback and make changes.

  •  Fast development:

It is easy to learn and get familiar with this framework in no time. With time, you will start feeling comfortable which will considerably reduce your efforts and time spent in development.

  • Active community on Google:

Because AngularJS is maintained by Google, it is supported by an active community of adept app developers. This comes in handy when you get stuck anywhere or face any maintenance issues. You can also submit your suggestions for the improvement of the framework.

Why AngularJS is preferred over HTML for web application development?

Why Should You Use AngularJS Over HTML for Front-end Development?

1. MVC Architecture :

AngularJS deploys MVC architecture for developing interactive web applications. It is made up of:

Model: This is the first level of pattern which is used for maintaining the data.

View: This is responsible for displaying the data to the user.

Controller: This controls the interaction that takes place between the View and the Model. It responds to the user inputs by validating it and then conducting the operations.

MVC architecture makes it easy to build a client-side application. This is because the developer simply needs to split all the app components, which can then be automatically combined and organized by the framework. It abolishes the requirement for extra coding for combining the components and thus enables the creation of responsive apps in reduced time.

2. Leverage HTML :

AngularJS leverages HTML, which is a declarative language with shorter tags that makes it extremely easy to comprehend. The interface offered by this framework is also extremely smooth, structured and well-organized.

A lot of times, organizing and regulating JavaScript interfaces becomes tough and problematic. With AngularJS, the presence of HTML interface makes the development process quick and hassle-free. There is no need to apprehend the flow and loading as you can simply define your requirements and the framework will automatically carve out the dependencies.

3. POJO Model :

POJO stands for Plain Old JavaScript Objects. AngularJS deploys a POJO model that eliminates the need for adding supplementary setter and setter elements for binding the framework elements along with additional data sources.

In this, the developers have to set loops over the objects and arrays with the required properties. After that, they only need to adjust and re frame it. This way, they can develop engaging web applications with clean and intuitive coding.

4. Less Coding :

There are many advantages of this platform that facilitate less coding. Some of the most significant ones are:

The framework is modular in nature. This implies that there is no need for additional coding to combine the various components of the application.

  • It deploys HTML language that uses short attributes and tags.
  •  The framework is platform-independent. This implies that there is no need for extra coding to run the application on different devices.
  • The developers can copy paste the existing components that they created for another app.
  • AngularJS uses directives that have their own code.

All these points ensure that the need for code is less and that the application can be developed in the least possible timeframe.

5. Unit Testing :

The framework developers have built the framework with a special emphasis on ease of testability. AngularJS framework allows the developers to write and test the module codes separately from the rest of the app. Consequently, the developer can only choose to test specific parts and not the entire app.

6. DOM Manipulation :

Conventionally, the view modifies and manipulates the DOM for adding data and altering behavior. This requires the developer to focus more on the view. However, in AngularJS, with MVC architecture, the DOM manipulation is performed by way of directives and no involvement of the view. This permits the developers to focus their energy on designing the best and most user-friendly interface.

Conclusion :

It is easy to conclude that AngularJS is a promising JavaScript framework that helps in building proficient and instinctive applications. It is especially helpful if you are looking to create single page applications, that simply navigation and present all the data in an easy-to-digest manner.

Also, because the framework is maintained by Google, it has a solid foundation and is always up-to-date. So, make sure to use this remarkable framework for your next web development project.

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