Why am I not able to enroll myself with Zelle? What should I do? - Zelle Customer Service

Usually people have problems related to their debit cards & credit cards. People in U.S. who operate Zelle are now having a problem enrolling themselves with Zelle. The problem arises when their debit & credit cards receive a message stating “profile locked”. This may be due to security reasons. Under this condition you should always take help of the customer service & on your part also there are few things you should do.
Your Visa or MasterCard debit card must be tied to a bank account in the U.S. There is no permission granted for business debit cards, credit cards, linked to international accounts, gift cards or pre-paid cards from financial institutions outside of the Zelle network.
But you must ensure that the information you are entering matches exactly what is on file for your debit card with your bank or credit union. This includes-
1)    Name as it appears on your debit card
2)    Address, city, state, zip code.
3)    Debit card number
4)    Expiration date
5)    CVV number
If you are still experiencing technical difficulties & issues contact your bank or credit union to verify the debit card information they have on file. Once you have verified the information, please attempt to enroll again.


Last updated:8/19/2019 1:45:08 AM


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