Blackjack rules

The Game in General

Some people believe that blackjack is a glamorous casino game, intended solely for the wealthy or sophisticated player. That could not be further from the truth. Roulette enjoys a high level of popularity in casinos all over the world, and attracts all kinds of players who consider wagering an enjoyable and entertaining pastime. Roulette is played not only in North and South America, but also in Europe, Asia, Africa, and throughout the Caribbean. You can visit blackjack rules reviews website to find more interesting articles.

Blackjack rules

The word Roulette is derived from French, and means, "small wheel." In simple terms, it is a casino game played with a small ivory or plastic ball, thrown into a wooden wheel that spins horizontally. The ball eventually stops bouncing by laying on one of the several colored compartments inside the wheel. The players throw their ball in the roulette after betting on one of the 37 or 38 small number compartments to hold their ball when the roulette stops.

North American or European Roulette

The North American version of Roulette has 38 numbers to choose from. The European version has only 37. Numbers from one to thirty-six are printed non-consecutively inside each compartment or pocket of the wheel. The pockets are colored alternately red and black and set evenly around the inside surface of the wheel.

On North American wheels, one additional pocket is marked with the figure zero (0), and another additional pocket is marked with double zero (00). In Europe there is only one additional pocket and it is marked zero (0). The 37th and 38th pockets, as applicable, are colored green. All other wheels are similar in design.

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