Sustainable Communities

What is a “Sustainable Community”?

Sustainable Community does not have a single type of neighborhood, region, town, or city. A sustainable community is a place where people want to live and work, at present as well as in the future too. It is a place where people of diverse backgrounds and different perspective are welcomed and feel safe, a place where every individual has right to share his or her views and opinions, as well as where the prosperity has been shared among everyone. The Sustainable Community is sometimes used with ‘Green Cities’, ‘Eco-Communities’, ‘Livable Cities’, and ‘Sustainable Cities’. Here we are going to discuss Sustainable Community with reference to Green Cities.

Sustainable Communities

There are various factors which could affect our health, our life expectancy, and the quality of our life. Slowly, it used to affect our genes, gender, wealth, health, education, lifestyle, and many more aspects which can get affected due to unhealthy life and level of pollutions. So, to make our life healthy and our future bright, we are living on the verge of choosing a healthy lifestyle and environment. Many sustainable communities are looking to save the available resources from being misused and extinct. Many communities are focused towards saving, conserving, restoring, or enhancing the natural areas while planting trees, vegetated roofs, rainwater harvesting, and many more activities to make the environment healthy and clean to live.

The Sustainable Communities rise up to face the challenges of climate change when the role of buildings has evolved to become part of the solution for the climate disturbance challenge. Every year the many buildings are coming under the greener and sustainable energy use features and contribute to reducing the environmental impact. Lowering of use and wastage of energy is good for the planet and balances the environment.

The good environment and a Sustainable Community contributes towards various aspects and improves the environment and human lives as well. The sustainable buildings are used by architects, designers, engineers, and others to align land development and management with innovative sustainable design.

Sustainable Communities

1. Individual Buildings: The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), a Green Building Rating System promotes and increases the rate of sustainable green buildings and development. LEED is associated with nursing internationally recognized in Green Building Certification System. A building to become LEED Certified has to prioritize its design, construction, and use in a Green and Sustainable Building. It also promotes innovative thinking about various innovative forms of energy and promotes an increase in efficiency.

2. Eco-Industrial Park: The eco-industrial park is of working culture to provide a number of firms to work together and decrease the environmental impact as well as improve the economic performance. The business communities in collaboration are managing environmental and resource issues like water, power, and other materials. The eco-industrial park involves the natural environment, efficient use of powers and resources. As well as, the industrial park can also be built with recycled materials and with less pollution.

Sustainable Communities

3. Urban Farming: Urban Farming involves more than one type of farming, like growing crops as well as raising animals in City or Urban areas. In Urban Farming the successful method of growing food crops is by allotting a farm, garden or a common area for a farmers market in which the grains can be produced in the city as well and can be sold to the residents of Urban Areas.

4. Sustainable Sites Initiative: Sustainable Sites Initiative (SSI) works on the principles of designing the structure with nature and culture, preservation, conservation, which support a living process, and finally make an environmentally friendly place to people to live. All these steps will help to promote a solution for environmental issues like Air Pollution, Water Pollution, Green House Gases, Energy Consumption, Climate Issues, and Health Issues etc.

5. Transportation: Sustainable Transportation will solve the maximum problem of pollution in the world. It will minimize the level of pollution, harmful gases, noise pollution, etc. and makes the city environment eco-friendly. Reduces the emission of Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Footprint due to the introduction of Sustainable or Eco-friendly Transportation.

Sustainability is the process of continuous improvement and evolvement and makes changes to accomplish the goal towards a healthy environment. As well as, it will contribute greatly to the economic, social, and environmental changes of community that we as the community could cherish.

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