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Great Ways for Sustainable Development

News Makers 623 24-Oct-2018

Need For Sustainable Development

The environmental changes have increased the need for a sustainable development strategy so that everyone can benefit from it and have a better future. 

With the rise of industries and then the increase in various types of pollution in the environment and depletion of natural resources, a sustainable growth plan is the need of the hour for ensuring that we can have all we need without harming the environment too much and also reduce dependency on it. 

The idea of sustainable development is based on the concept of using resources to meet the current needs without affecting the future generations in meeting their needs. This holistic approach can help a lot in not only saving future generations of human beings but also that of wildlife and Nature.

Proper awareness, environmental education and collective actions for a common goal of sustainable development can help in making it a success and create a better world.

Ways To Achieve Sustainibility 

Here are some things we can do to help the world become more sustainable and healthy: 

● Ensure awareness of environmental conditions and the need for reducing usage of plastics and natural resources.

● We should also educate people to make use of eco-friendly options for travel and daily needs. 

● Biodegradable options should be considered and plastic use avoided.

● Using solar panels and hydroelectricity can help reduce dependency on thermal power plants which use the burning of coal for power generation. The burning of coal leads to high levels of populations along with depletion of coal reserves.

● Care should be taken to reduce usage of materials which will not be used fully. Reducing buying of such materials and living within one’s means in a simple way can help a lot in reducing waste production.

● Contributions for long-term innovation and solutions should be encouraged for a sustainable mode of progress without having negative effects on the surroundings.

● Encouraging companies into taking up CSRs (Corporate Social Responsibilities) can help in providing the much-needed support to backward sections of the society and help use resources in a better way.

● In some cases, going for an electronic approach can help in saving paper and thus, save trees and the environment. E-books and online paperless procedures help in saving paper and time.

Aims Of Sustainable Development 

Sustainable development plans have certain goals which are for both environmental as well as societal good. Some are: 

● Eradication of hunger. 

● Eradication of poverty.

● Achieve food security.

● Ensure gender equality and sensitization.

● Access to affordable healthcare.

● Access to free healthcare.

● Access to sustainable energy for all.

● Combat climate change.

● Promote sustained economic growth.

● Save ecosystems and wildlife.

● Conserve marine life and resources.

● Eradicate the need for wars and have a peaceful society.

These can be achieved with collective contributions both as donations to funds as well as direct engagement in actions that promote them. 

Saving of resources for emergencies is also a good approach. 

Wildlife protection acts have been passed which aim to preserve the natural flora and fauna and help promote the natural growth of terrestrial as well as marine ecosystems.

Passing of laws to prevent pollution by industries and restriction of the release of effluents into water bodies have also been crucial in saving the environment and its constituents. 


Many social programmes and films show the rich variety of flora and fauna in out very world and inculcate a sense of belonging and the need of saving them in us, from young children to the old people alike. This helps in a collective awareness that can be passed down to future generations as well. 

Many countries are taking part in summits to discuss solutions to climate changes and improvise existing ways to make sure that no harm is caused to human beings and at the same time efforts are made to save the environment and our mother Earth. 

Many organizations have started working to make sure that free education and healthcare is accessible even in remote parts of the world. 

Availability of food is also being improved to eradicate hunger which is still prevalent in many parts of the world, especially developing countries.

The per capita income also needs to be increased to reach a level where poverty is eliminated and good economic levels are maintained. 

With the modern technology, there is a lot of hope for a better future and a world of sustainability where the resources are accessible to all. 

Updated 24-Oct-2018

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