The VoIP future has arrived

The VoIP future has arrived

The boundaries that divided the digital and physical environment are finally disappearing. It is expected that progress in VoIP technology will lead to a new, more modern dimension. For now, VoIP is mostly used in business environment and within call centers software.

During 2014, VoIP communications surpassed more than 34% of world voice traffic.

Practice tells us that the use of VoIP in the future will be far more expanded. Further growth of using is expected. So, VoIP is ready to become one of the the basic telecommunication platforms. 

The most known benefits that delivers, are cost savings and better availability. Still, VoIP now offers integration with many other technologies. This will enable many companies to create solutions to their own ideas. It will also lead to the homogenization of the business environment. 

Some of the ideas are already in use, and some will just find their place in the future. We present you some of the new tendencies within VoIP communications.

Expanded Mobility

With the rapid development of technology, VoIP technology is also advancing. Smartphones will soon completely replace traditional telephony. That fact will give users a number of new functions.

In recent years, the diversity of applications as well as their use, have reached an increasing number of users.With the arrival of 5G technology, this popularity will be even greater. Applications with VoIP capabilities are already in use. They are very popular in various forms of communication, either for business or just for fun. Facebook has been using such application since 2014. The predictions say that by 2019 around 116 million people will use such applications.

The VoIP future has arrived

According to some sources, it is assumed that at the end of last year there were more than 1 billion VoIP users all over the world. Finding ways to overcome the network problem with accessing a large number of users simultaneously is already in process.

VoIP and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence can be a very interesting trend in improving VoIP systems. For eg. it can be implemented in searching and repairing of QoS problems. This kind of technology usage can be very useful in solving network problems.

There is also a huge possibility that AI will develop enough to improve and analyze communicating applications. Applications like speech patterns, emails in real time etc. could be integrated in VoIP. That could make a great impact in business communicating.

As features like speed, security and reliability are already a standard, VoIP is expected to become more mobile. With mobile VoIP devices, we will have the opportunity for better communication. But, according to some predictions many possibilities will be almost unlimited.This primarily refers to international or remote communication.

The VoIP future has arrived

The result could be improving marketing efforts and better customer service. These features of AI technology are currently in testing stage. Developers are still working on their implementation.

AI is also improving call answering using voice assistants. Many new voice assistants are having improved processing of customer requests. 

The new and improved voice bots could handle customer FAQ inquiries. That means they will do the job for customer service agents. This will enable faster problem handling which will relieve sales agents to resolve other issues. 

Secure… For sure! 

Vulnerabilities in VoIP are nothing new for cyber exploiters . Since VoIP raised its popularity, attacks on networks are far more often. VoIP calls are using the same path your network uses for internet and other traffic. This makes VoIP connections opened for attacks.

For this very reason, security must be more important than ever. As companies and regular users expand their use of VoIP and wireless networks, security must be a basic thing.Internet telephony services are under much more risk, comparing to traditional phone systems

There are many network security solutions that can keep VoIP networks protected. Every user should get full information from their VoIP provider. It is more than useful to know how to protect from potential threats. With a good protection, you will ensure that your VoIP network remains secured and protected. 

That is why it’s important to perform security audits regularly. It will ensure your VoIP equipment and significantly reduce risk of threat. You can surely expect more investment in encryption technology over the next few years. 

The future of VoIP looks very promising. 

We can expect to see new and inventing solutions tailored to our growing business needs.

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