A good phone system is crucial for the communication structure of your business. With a lot of business-based phone systems around, it may be overwhelming to choose one which fits the needs of your company. High-quality, clear, and reliable calls are some features you need to seek in small business phone systems. VOIP phone systems of today, also called cloud phone systems provide your small business with modern features of enterprise phone systems at lower costs. The cloud phone system providers of today like phone.com, Grasshopper, and RingCentral provide your business with a phone system at affordable prices. Even small businesses can outgrow their systems; therefore, you need to look for features that will give you continuous growth.


Small and large businesses can grow at a very fast rate, and it becomes tricky for the business to keep up with growth. Outgrowing the traditional business phone system is possible. Possessing a phone system for the business allows your firm to scale up without effort minus making changes to the business infrastructure. Changes to the infrastructure are always hard for employees to manage. The VoIP system can be scaled and is flexible to change in your business. For example, if you add five new employees to the business, it becomes easy to add five new lines of phone via the online portal. Also, in case an employee quits, you can remove their phone line with ease and cancel them from the system.

Affordable enterprise-level features

The best landline phones for the business do not mean that they have to lack enterprise features of an international corporation. Modern aspects like auto-attendants, clear call quality, and interactive response paint your business in a light of professionalism that potential clients will appreciate and notice. Enterprise level features include the ability to connect customers to employees that are not in the office immediately. You can forward the phone call to the employee using mobile phone for them to speak while away. These features provide clients with fluent, cohesive, and professional experience and assist you to stand apart from the competition.

Stay connected anywhere anytime

In the majority of businesses today, employees do not just work from their desk in the office. Many of them work from home, get out of the office very early, or just want to stay connected whether in the office or not. With the traditional office system, employees have access to the phone when near it physically. Nonetheless, with the

VoIP system, they can make and receive calls from home, office, or across the world. The cloud phone system allows you to receive and make calls, take part in conference calls, and access all features used in the main office from everywhere. It is possible since any device possesses an internet connection, like a cell phone or laptop, can be used as the main VoIP phone for your office.  

Professional image

Having businesses with professional images is a crucial way of finding success with your business. An easy and fluent to use system, for both your clients and employees, boosts the professional image and makes everybody to have a pleasant and seamless experience.

Possessing the capability to route calls to the right employees quickly, create automated assistants, set up professional voicemail, and notifications of calls keeps track of all needs of clients, whether you have fifty or five clients.

Connect remote employees and remote teams

A lot of businesses have more than one full-time remote employee or those that work from home on a part-time basis. If that is it, possessing a VoIP phone system will help keep remote employees connected just as those ones in the office. The call forwarding feature is both efficient and quick, even for remote workers situated thousands of kilometers away. Various collaboration tools like conference calling help to keep members of the team updated with the happenings of the business so that they are not left out. Having the whole team on the same page will save you both money and time since mistakes from employees will be fewer.


As the business grows, your needs for communication become more demanding. Small business phone system provides the flexibility, features, and security that your business requires. Also, it provides employees with the tools to remain connected and increase productivity so that the business thrives

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