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Best free travel apps for Android tablets and smartphones

Warren Mongen1049 23-Nov-2018

You might often see travel tips articles listing down the best iPad and iPhone apps that can help holidaymakers. This time we put the spotlight to some of the best travel apps for Android devices. The rating is based on android app reviews. These Android apps will help travelers plan their trips, get the best deals, and save some money in the process: 


This is an excellent travel app which can help you find the best hotel rates, car rentals, flights, and track your flight. You will be able to compare the rates and get what suits you best It is very easy to use and will aid you even for planning a business or major holiday with your family.

Best free travel apps for Android tablets and smartphones


This is another free app for your Android device which can help you find local businesses, restaurants, theaters, events, and people. It will allow travelers to find the best things which interest them, check schedules that fit theirs, map directions, and make connections with other people. You can even reserve a seat for a restaurant that you want to try out from the app.


TripIt allows a traveler to organized into one itinerary all of his or her travel plans which can be sync with the website or your online calender. It basically collates everything so you do not have to dig in thru your email inbox for all the confirmations and details or keep several printouts in an envelop.

Best free travel apps for Android tablets and smartphones


When have a business trip, you might be required to monitor your expenses and also liquidate by presenting your receipts when you get back to the office. This travel app will be very useful as it allows you to scan your receipt and input whatever purchases you made. So you basically digitize everything with Expensify instead of keeping the small copies of the transaction.


The Hipmunk is another useful Android travel app which helps you find the best accommodation and flights that will fit your budget. It makes use of a timeline which allows your to visualize the best options for your travel. It also factors in the “agony” involved during the trip which is actually the amount of waiting, time of travel, and stop overs that you might encounter.

Updated 23-Nov-2018

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