The watch you have been craving for…….!

Gone are the days when Rolex and Rado watches were a style statement of an individual’s wrist. I personally think that in the world of digitalization one should not go for super luxurious wrist watches just to watch time.

The watch you have been craving for…….!

Now Apple Corporation has introduced the all-new Series 4 that has redefined the way we think of watches. Series 4 has loads of things like the health sensors, fitness application, BMI monitoring, boarding alerts, and an upgraded artificial intelligence which will definitely make you fall for it.  

What makes this watch apart from the league?

Elegant Display & Design

Display of 44mm with sharp edges is simply seraphic to the eyesight. It uses the OLED technology which is a strong, dynamic and colorful. To wake it up all you have to do is raise your wrist towards your face and it gets ready to for variant activities installed in it.

The watch you have been craving for…….!

You can easily stream stock, heart rate, boarding’s information and much more all in a glimpse. The device is available in 4 colors silver, space gray, gold and gold stainless steel with a Milanese band.

Apple has improvised the speakers and now its 50% louder than the previous S3 and a slight modification has been done in the microphone by placing it opposite sides of the speakers.

A perfect companion for fitness freaks

S4 is loaded up with some exceptional health-related features like the electric heart sensor, cadence and pace alerts. Apart from these alerts there are various pre-installed applications for yoga, work out, weight training and sprints.

The watch you have been craving for…….!

While the previous models of the Apple Watch incorporate an optical pulse sensor to track calories consumed, pulse rate measurement the Series 4 offers a couple of new highlights. You'll currently get a notice if your pulse seems to be too low — which could imply that your heart isn't sufficiently directing blood to the body.

It also has a comprehensive activity tracker through which you get personalized training in workouts and it also allows you to share your activity with your friends and can compete with them.

So it’s the ultimate device which you should have on your wrist next time when you hit for your workout session.

Specification and Battery life

It comes up with a 64-bit dual-core processor which is designed induce it to perform two times faster. Accelerometer and gyroscope have two times the dynamic range which samples the motion data and information 8X faster times.

The watch you have been craving for…….!

Improvisation of SIRI is another thing which users are going to experience. With series 4 SIRI has got a little more advanced and it lines your all routine activities and reminders in a much more sophisticated manner.

Battery life is quite a decent and its durability depends on the way it is been used. So if you are using it for outdoor activity like tracking and measuring your workout or tracking long bike rides it will be durable for 6 hours and if it’s been used for frequent routine activities last for up 18 hours.

S4 will hit in the Indian market from September 18 and will cost around $399. 

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