HR on Autopilot: Is It Feasible to Automate All Your HR Functions?

HR on Autopilot: Is It Feasible to Automate All Your HR Functions?

The short answer would be no. However, the industry will continue to adopt strategies that automate the most mundane aspects of HR. Automation is not a dirty word – many small companies will fare better if they embrace automation rather than try avoiding it. This doesn’t, of course, mean that you wouldn’t still need people. After all, you will always need someone in charge of the automation – even the best of Human Resource software can sometimes have issues in the way it’s working.

Why is automation a good thing?

So what makes automation a positive for HR? Technology has been helpful to the sector in a variety of ways. Automation technology can:

Save a lot of time. Automation is a big time-saver. It can turn mundane tasks, such as payroll reporting, into an automated process. Human Resource software can create schedules, book interviews and sort out job applications, saving a lot of time.

Cut costs. Of course, saving time for most companies also means cutting costs. Furthermore, the automation works around the clock, as technology doesn’t sleep.

Improves security. Automation can improve security by reducing the risk of a human error, adhering to strict encryption and other security protocols, complying automatically with the latest regulations. These will all strengthen security and keep data secure.

Reduces complexity. It’s also possible to reduce HR complexity with automation technology. HR software can streamline all the aspects of HR without the staff having to learn different regulations. The cloud-based system also ensures the information is always updated so that information travels fast.

The above shows that automation is not something companies should fear or avoid. With the help of Human Resource Management System, companies can automate their payroll, data management and storing, tracking HR data, and the analysis of various data from employee performance to job applicant data.

Will the human disappear?

But just because automation and the use of HR software can be beneficial, it doesn’t mean the human element will vanish. In fact, having professional HR staff is more important than ever – the benefits of automation can only be enjoyed if the staff is educated in their use and eager to keep developing the systems forward.

Leadership will continue to be critical for HR success. While HR software can help companies align its objectives through improved performance management, enhanced training, and deeper transparency, the software won’t be able to replace leadership. A good HR department will continue to require people who are able to educate, inspire and motivate the workforce – this will guarantee everyone in the organisation is working hard to achieve the goals and objectives.

HR software can be used to help the HR department work more efficiently and to reap the benefits of automation. However, the software alone cannot ensure that everything runs as smooth as possible. In fact, a technology solution will only be as good as the people behind it.

Finding the right automation technologies

When it’s time to look for automation technology to boost how the company operates, you definitely want to pay attention to finding the right solutions. The world is full of Human Resource software solutions and not all of them are going to be useful for all companies.

When selecting the right software, consider finding an answer to the following questions:

• What is the purpose of the software? Will it add something to your current systems? Will it integrate seamlessly?

• Who will be the administrator of the system and will they require extensive training to use it? Is training part of the software?

• Does the HR software offer on-demand support?

• How well will it integrate with the rest of the HR software already in use?

• What does it cost to buy it, implement it and then run it?

It’s important to involve the people who’d be using the software the most into the buying process. This ensures the implementation is as smooth as possible and that you get the most benefit out of the automation.

Last updated:6/26/2018 2:48:00 AM
Talal bayaa

Talal bayaa

Talal Bayaa is the CEO and co-founder of Bayzat, a UAE-based technology start-up that empowers businesses with smart and effective insurance & HR solutions.


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