Mobile shopping is exploding now-a-days. Smart phones have become the dominant platform for consumers globally to browse and buy things from anywhere, anytime. The primary focus for online retailers is to offer an awesome mobile app shopping experience.

Prestashop eCommerce Mobile App Builder - Turn mobile based users into loyal customers

Building an eCommerce mobile app and putting it on the app stores have become much simpler today. Unfortunately, the majority of such apps provide a poor user experience and quickly lose steam wasting valuable development time and money.

KnowBand provides a robust and efficient solution in the form of Prestashop Mobile App Builder for seamless up gradation of eCommerce business to the mobile platform that too in a nominal cost. It provides all the basic and necessary features in its application along with 24/7 user support. New features can also be customized if required by the store manager.

Unique features offered by Prestashop Mobile App Builder: 

Prestashop eCommerce Mobile App Builder - Turn mobile based users into loyal customers

1. Simple and Uncluttered Design

The eCommerce apps developed by Knowband's Prestashop mobile app creator have the simplest designs. These mobile apps have multiple themes and fonts for easy customization. These apps do not overwhelm the users with unnecessary bells and whistles, but rather they are modest. The products are at front and center with only relevant action buttons. It even offers better navigation in the app for users comfort.

2. Customizable Home Screen Layout

Our Prestashop mobile app builder allows a store merchant to easily customize home screen layout of the mobile app without any hassle. The admin can easily optimize the home screen layout by setting the position and upload the banners according to the latest events and occasions. The following attributes are available for home screen customization:

  • Top Categories.
  • Square Banners.
  • Grid Banners.
  • Grid Products.
  • Countdown sale Timer.
  • Horizontal Sliding Products.
  • Horizontal Sliding Products.
  • Recently Accessed Products

 3. Gamified Popup Interface

The Prestashop mobile app maker offers Gamified Popup wheel display on the mobile apps. through which users can grab some exciting deals and offers. The spin and win functionality will only work when the Knowband’s PrestaShop spin and win module is installed on the store. 

4. Brand Promotion

With the help of Prestashop mobile app builder, admin can easily promote your store by adding a logo of your store on the mobile app. The mobile app has a huge base audience through which admin can create brand awareness among people. The store merchant can easily add a brand logo from the backend panel.

5. Swipe Product Display

The Prestashop mobile app maker provides Swipe Product Display feature on the mobile app through which allow users to view the products by swiping right or left on the product screen.

6. Feature Product Display

The mobile app built by Prestashop mobile app builder allows, store owner to highlight the store’s popular products on the mobile app in grid or list order.     

7. Automatic Synchronization

Real time synchronization is offered in Prestashop mobile app maker which lets web store automatically sync with the application and the store inventory, order details etc are managed on both places at the same time. Any changes made on web store automatically gets reflect on the mobile application.

8. Multiple device and platform Compatibility

Prestashop eCommerce mobile apps are fully compatible with both android/iOS platforms with multi platform compatibility. These apps are multiple screen size supported providing a flawless implementation of the application on a smartphone, tablet, iPhone or iPad.

9. Multilingual and RTL support

Prestashop eCommerce mobile app maker provides multi-lingual and RTL writing support in mobile application to target global and regional mobile-based users.

10. Unlimited push notification service

Push notification service is also available in eCommerce mobile apps by Prestashop mobile app builder addon. Prestashop store manager can easily notify app users about new store offerings, sale or promotion easily through this handy marketing tool.

11. All sorts of product support

Prestashop eCommerce mobile app maker supports all sorts of products in mobile application. Regardless of their business type, Prestashop store owner can sell any product whether it is simple, configurable or bundled.

12. Multiple payment and shipping methods

Various payment and shipping methods are also available in eCommerce mobile apps for Prestashop web stores. This benefits store owner and user both by making transaction and product delivery hassle free.

Prestashop eCommerce Mobile App Builder - Turn mobile based users into loyal customers13. Social media integration

Prestashop eCommerce mobile app creator integrates social media login into mobile applications. Mobile app users can easily login with their Google+ and Facebook social accounts. Guest users can also access app without logging in application.

Prestashop eCommerce Mobile App Builder - Turn mobile based users into loyal customers

14. Voice Search( For android users)

Prestashop android mobile app builder incorporates voice search in applications offering customers an advanced and user friendly search option. It helps in finding desired products easily.

15. Live Chat Support

Prestashop store manager can easily provide 24/7 live user support with Zopim chat service of mobile application. Prestashop mobile app builder addon provides mobile apps in all its application to strengthen buyer user relationship.

16. Optimized one page checkout

Prestashop eCommerce mobile app creator for Android/iOS provides simplified checkout approach on a single page. Online retailers can easily put a break on cart abandonment rate with single page checkout.

17. Order Tracking

Prestashop store admin can easily track their order details through mobile application. This feature motivates app users to revisit mobile application and also enhances the chances of additional purchase.

Admin benefits of Prestashop eCommerce mobile app builder:

Prestashop eCommerce Mobile App Builder - Turn mobile based users into loyal customers

1. Prestashop store admin does not have to synchronize web store and mobile app manually. Prestashop mobile app builder does the job of automatic synchronization.

2. Prestashop store owner can easily expand their business reach to mobile based users even available on global scale.

3. With various shipping methods incorporated in mobile application, store admin need not to worry about the product delivery.

4. With order tracking and push notification service, Prestashop online retailer can easily motivate the app users to revisit app and do additional purchase.

Advanced Marketplace Feature of PrestaShop Mobile App Builder:

If you are using KnowBand’s PrestaShop Marketplace, then, here is a smart solution for you to convert your marketplace into a mobile store. The PrestaShop Advanced Marketplace for Mobile App is compatible with all the features and functionalities offered by PrestaShop multivendor marketplace of Knowband. Our PrestaShop Marketplace Mobile App Builder for Android and iOS can take your business to the next level.

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