Saying goodbye to 2017 now we have entered in 2018 well the year passed really good new technologies came in our hands, upgrades were been done in very useful one.

Virtual reality trends to look for in the year 2018

The technology which touched me down the most was the Virtual reality. You may be knowing about Virtual reality as these days VR gadgets have got common and it could be seen in hands of people in our surrounding.

But what if I tell you that this technology is no more just a gaming or video streaming gadget because it is been used for further more big things.

Now, this technology is playing a vital role in product line testing, to drive consumer sales and is offering exceptional customer experiences. Biggies like Barclay, IKEA, Star Wars and Volvo are making use of this exceptional technology in creative and experimental things.

Virtual reality trends to look for in the year 2018

Companies which offer furniture or design home interiors are making use Virtual reality to demonstrate their customer visually. No doubt it’s an exceptional technology but it’s undeniable to accept the fact that it’s still new among us.

So there are so many things which designers and developers are looking forward to modifying and hence we will soon see those changes too. Further enhancements which we could see in the year 2018: 

Device Costs

Virtual reality technology is generally available in three forms which are VR headsets, Oculus Go, and home-based technology. These are some of the mainstream gadgets through which users interact with virtual reality.

Virtual reality trends to look for in the year 2018

These headsets and gadgets are complex and come in the list of high-end gadgets that’s the reason these gadgets are expensive as compared to other gadgets.

So the designer and developers are forward to make these expensive gadgets in budget range so that it can be made available for each and every interested person.

 Users Experience

As I mentioned earlier that Virtual and augmented reality is still new among most of the people and people are still not that comfortable to make a proper use of it.

Looking over the interviews and press conference of Samsung I found that company has the vision to make virtual reality gadgets handier for the people.

As the VR headsets provide virtual appearance right in front of you and in order to provide a high-quality experience to users it is possible that companies may come up with large and heavy headsets.

Content for VR

When we get a VR headset we get excited a lot to use it as it’s entertaining and gives an exceptional feel. But as it’s a new technology still users are unable to fetch content which is been supported on VR on the web.

Virtual reality trends to look for in the year 2018

VR headsets require content which is been converted in particular VR modes unless and until you can’t run any games or videos in VR. So as there is a limited amount of content this year’s gadgets geeks could get blessed with more creative and amazing pieces of stuff.


Technology implementation takes time so in the case of education systems as earlier students were been blessed with smart classes in which they used to study in front of digital whiteboards.

Virtual reality trends to look for in the year 2018

Now as the technology has major enhancements with the virtual reality it could soon from this year that students and the academic system get modernized with the Virtual reality equipment and technology for better demonstration and explanation of subjects and topics to students.

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