Day by day we see and experience advancement in technology, everything is getting an upgrade and improvisation an enhancement and that too at very speedy pace.

Is afterlife virtual existence possible?

This advancement is reducing the manual effort as every work could be done automatically with few simple button press or mouse clicks.  

Most of the things which we use in routine life are been upgraded with automated techniques which reduce the involvement of physical strength.

Travelling in jets or carrying a virtual assistance inside your pocket things are different now as it used to be earlier. We are standing along with technology to the whole new different stage.

Is afterlife virtual existence possible?

Experiencing these advancements a thought which strikes in my mind was that can technology be so advance that it can have a person’s virtual existence even after his death. Have you thought in the same way?

Whenever we command or instruct something to our virtual assistant build in our high-end devices we see how responsive technology has come through.

Anti-aging research

Going through some research which is in continuation I got to know there are so many scientists and professionally engaged in the research of anti-aging.

Well, the concept of antiaging sounds a bit impractical which is something hard to digest but when it comes to science somewhere in our mind what if it happens?

Is afterlife virtual existence possible?

There is research which thinks aging of a human body is just like a disease which could be cured, where there is some research which wants to slow down the process of aging and there are some who thinks aging could be controlled and stopped.

Well, it would be revolutionary it someday it gets possible someday in future.

Possibility of Immortality through artificial intelligence

Ian Pearson a futurist with 85% of prediction accuracy believes that by the year 2050 human will see a great diversification in technology and there are possibilities that we will be able to see a virtual human even after his death.

He further explained that humans will be capable of saving themselves in computer and after the death of that particular person the computer along with artificial intelligence technology will be in a human-like “Avatar” will continue to learn new things or it can be static.

Is afterlife virtual existence possible?

Everything will be depended on programming and there are a lot of corporation already looking forward to having investment in such projects.

Another futurist named Ray Kurzweil who is currently working in Googles leaning project made a prediction that till the year 2029 human will able to extend their lives considerably or indefinitely.

Well, all the researches of anti-aging, life extension, and virtual appearance are still in its early stage. But these researchers give us new hopes and states that we should keep raising the bar.

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