All you can do with Amazon's Alexa

All you can do with Amazon

Well, there are a number of things which you can perform by Alexa well you may be very familiar with some of the top virtual assistant such as Google assistantCortana, and SIRI which offers and performs a great role of assisting. Alexa is another high-end intelligent assistant on the list which is been praised worldwide. 


In addition to supporting three mobile operating systems, Alexa is currently compatible with connected devices made by both Amazon and third-party manufacturers.

The consumers can use Alexa to access and control several Alexa-enabled devices manufactured by Amazon - Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, Echo, Tap and Dash Wand.

All you can do with Amazon

Likewise, the users can also take advantage of Amazon Alexa while using various connected devices and home automation systems manufactured by leading companies like Ford, LG, HTC, TCL, and Element. However, the functionality and usage of Alexa may differ from one device to another.

List of the things which could be performed through Alexa
  • Alexa offers you weather reports and news by collecting it from different sources which include variety of sources like AccuWeather, TuneIn, NPR, and ESPN and also from the local radio station.
  • You can order foods stuff from several platforms which are globally recognized and are been supported by Amazon such as Dominozz, Pizza Hut, GrubHub, and Wingstop.
  • In the beginning of the year, 2017 Starbucks launched a beta version to pick up orders by Alexa. Apart from ordering foodstuff, you can book a taxi from Uber for traveling and hit a destination by Alexa. 
  • You can use Alexa for creating an advance home as you can control and connect each and every device such as cameras, computers, and door locks, systems for entertainments, television lights, and system which are built with the mechanism of artificial intelligence.

All you can do with Amazon

  • Alexa can even play music from the devices which are been owned or registered by the owner's Amazons music account. It can also play music from music streaming services such as Google play music from any gadget.
  • Alexa controls and manages all the instructions and command given by the user which includes basic routine things such as a reminder of an important activity, shopping, dates, alarms, timers. You can also create a to-do list in Alexa in which you can mention and include all the activity which you want to and want to remember throughout a day, month or a year. 

All you can do with Amazon

  • You can hear sports updates using Alexa enabled devices for using this service all you need to do add the sports team to the list created under Alexa's Sports Update app section.
  • There is more than 5000 set of function available in Alexa which is known as Alex skills which are available for the user to perform.

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