Diversification in technology has shown revolutionary changes in each and every stream. We are surrounded by gadgets, technology, techniques in each and every field we are opting to.

Have a fitness band next time you hit for workout

Similarly, these days we see a fItness tracking brand which is capable of measuring and even suggesting about your whole day fitness plan. 

If we go a few years back we will see that fitness brands which were worn on the wrist were only capable of counting footsteps and offered a very limited set of features.

But if we see fitness tracking band in 2018, they are a whole new different thing. Fitbit, Samsung Gear, Jawbone, and Microsoft are some of the most proficient company’s which provide the high-end tracking bands.

Have a fitness band next time you hit for workout

Fitness bands are really special gadgets for fitness freaks, Gym’r, bodybuilders and people who are officially involved in the fitness profession.

The craze for such device is really obvious as high-end bands are capable of measuring things and suggesting things which are important for shaping up of body and even showing your body insights.

How does it work?

Astonished by such amazing technology I thought to do a bit research about it and cover up a blog and here I am with it. When we place a fitness band on our wrist it simply looks like a digital watch and a common thought which strike in our mind, that it’s just a watch having led display and is filled with features.

Have a fitness band next time you hit for workout

But going through its functionality I found out that there are more than 8 to 10 sensors embedded in it.

A fitness band has all types of sensors which includes the accelerometers, GPS, optical heart rate monitors, Galvanic skin response sensor, thermometers, ambient light sensors, UV sensors and many more.

Each and every sensor perform a different set of work as the optical heart rate sensors measure the rate of your heartbeat, GPS needs no introduction as it’s a decade older technology now and it functions similar functions of positioning you.

Have a fitness band next time you hit for workout

Galvanic skin sensors measure electrical connectivity and similar to this the other sensors perform their determined work and offer a great stuff of revolutionary gadget.

How is it like to have fitness a band on your wrist?

Well, the benefits are numerous as in the earlier lines I mentioned about the sensors embedded in it which offer benefits in different scenarios. Most of the fitness which is a bit pricey and powered by the top brands such as Microsoft, Samsung and Fitbit offer so many similar features such as:

Tacking location

You can easily track down a location with your fitness band as the build in GPS receives a high- frequency signal a lower signal from a satellite which helps you to determine the exact distance and location of a particular destination.

Have a fitness band next time you hit for workout

Be swim ready

The fitness bands are water resistant up to 50 meters and you can easily track records and summarize your laps with your band. Samsung Gear offers a speedo application which lets you rationalize the whole stats while you’re swimming.

Have a fitness band next time you hit for workout

Boosting your fitness session

One of the primary reason for which this device was oriented was to boost your fitness session conjointly with technology. You can have a record and see calories in your body, how many calories you burnt after a workout session and can count up distance covered by jogging or running on trade mill easily.

Have a fitness band next time you hit for workout

Plan your work out sessions

Fitness band lets you schedule each and everything you can easily put a detail of records of your workout sessions for each and every day and the reminder feature available in it will remind you according to time you mentioned next time when you hit for work out.

Have a fitness band next time you hit for workout

You can enjoy your workout session along with listening music and checking notifications by connecting it with your handset on your band.

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