All About Social Commerce and its Importance


With the introduction of social commerce, you can easily make your friends into customers on social media sites and you can also turn customers into sales person, well with this we seem to take Seth Godin’s thought to a complete new level. Well, Seth Godin said:


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On social media it is never too difficult to make friends, or even promote your business or sell something you must just know how to do it right. Social commerce has the ability to make any product purchase from any third-party company possible within your social media experience. For instance, you can easily browse and compare products on Facebook and then also place an order within Facebook without going to the company’s site to make a purchase. If you are frequent on Twitter and you learn about a product you can easily make the purchase on twitter itself. Social commerce has made the purchase of products very easy as you do not have to open the company’s site to make the purchase. At present, there are three social media platform that is owning the social commerce space: Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. 


Recently Facebook has added a Facebook shop option to it’s explore section which enables companies to create an entire shop now stores. They can even use messengers to contact or connect or if I put it in better words interact with their customers both pre and post-sale.

For those who are planning to use this new Facebook tool to increase their sale a word of advice for them; do select your products carefully for the Facebook store. You need not display your complete inventory just select the ones that are mostly liked by your loyal customers or the ones that are trending in the market. Always remember that Facebook is a social network and not everyone is aware about Facebook shop and the ones that are, may not be sold to the idea. So, experiment with the products and see what works out for you. Do not by any chance overwhelm your audience with too many choices always narrow it down for them. 


After Facebook now, even Twitter has made the sale of products to customers directly via Twitter possible. When you tweet about a product, Twitter will include a buy button for the product on the tweet, which means your audience gets a chance to buy from you without leaving Twitter that is without leaving the twitter page and logging on to your store’s website. 

To make this sale possible Twitter has teamed up with a number of E-commerce partners. Of course you will gain an extra benefit if you have promoted tweets, just like Facebook ads. They make it simpler for you to expand your audience base and bring your products in front of more like-minded buyers. You can also run Twitter-only sales, host flash sales, product releases, etc. all from Twitter. Even Twitter stores your payment information so that you don’t have to enter it repeatedly, making your mobile shopping experience smoother. 

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Pinterest released its buyable pins in the year 2015. At that time there was only 30 million audiences on its site but within the time span of 3 months it doubled its audience. You can select the ‘buy it’ and buy the product then and there with the use of credit card. It is a fact that major content on Pinterest are re-pins and a source reveals that 80% of the content on Pinterest are re-pins. Thus, it is a major benefit for an original content creator. But make sure you feature your products in various colors as visual presentation matters a lot on social networks.

Shopping has always been a social experience but when the online shopping came up people thought it won’t be a social experience anymore. But with the evolution of technology and increase in the use of smartphones and social media platforms, online shopping also became a social experience as nowadays people depend on the social media for the review of any product before buying it. So, it became a no brainer for retailers to sell where the customers are rather than attracting them to their own websites.

Social commerce is a blooming market that includes a broad array of options like group buying, social shopping, mobile apps and shopping integrated into social media. Social commerce has become growing trend nowadays as every person is on social network almost all hours of the day thus, if you are a retailer willing to sell your merchandise to your customers you can use Social commerce as a market place to sell your products. As your customers are online but may not be just willing to leave the social platform to buy something but if they can buy the same product then and there they might just get interested and you can earn profit.

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