Ways to Improve Your Conversion Rates with Social Media

Is social media the only traffic source there is? Or is it among the best? While this may be debatable, many believe that social media is hands down among the top three traffic sources. But there are also some who believe that it’s highly over-hyped!

To tell you the truth, it all depends on how you structure your social media and how you manage to attract enough traffic or engagement with your content. So how do you make high conversion rates a reality?

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Here’s how you get social media in virtually everyone’s hands

Usage of High Conversion Keywords and Hashtags:

Certain keywords generate more engagement than others on social networks, so it’s extremely important that you use them smartly in your updates which will further increase visibility and effectiveness.

Hashtags have the power to expand the reach of your post beyond your followers, which will help you reach new audiences. But at the same time it’s also important that you use appropriate hashtags, unlike #I #am #Lame! The hashtag fads that exist today will be swept by some new idea tomorrow. So no matter how potential your posts are, no matter how useful hashtags potentially are, stupidity will always prevail.

Spur Engagement:

How to boost engagement on social media? Socialize! Duh! Increasing engagement is the key step for an effective conversion. Giving the audience an opportunity to interact with you not only gets them to like you, but also helps them to know you better. Creating an environment as a means to lure your audience, to share their most intimate moments (keeping it appropriate, of course!) and bring out the best of social media.

Interacting with the audience and building a relationship with them helps one establish a go-to person image, which may work pretty well for you!

Go Visual:

It may come as no surprise to you all, that image based content attracts more people. Remember when as a kid, you flipped through a book or a magazine just gazing at the pictures without paying much attention to the texts? (And no we’re not talking about the magazines you found in your siblings room!) Eye catching videos, funny GIFs or image are most likely to blow up your conversion rate and significantly increase your reach.

Did you know: 94% more total views on an average are attracted by content containing images, than content containing texts!

Using as little text as possible on the images is recommended when using an image for a post.  Posts or even Ads with higher amounts of text will receive less or no delivery. But, as they say – There’s always an exception! Images that include calligraphy, infographics, posters or more may be exceptions in this case. 

Consistency Is The Key:

The one thing that’s absolutely non-negotiable in social media is consistency. But remember to be subtle about it. You don’t wanna be spamming someone’s feed, and we know how utterly annoying that can be! The more consistent you are, lessen the chance for your audience to forget you. And you definitely do not wanna get lost in the crowd, do you?

Keeping a close eye on your social media stats is important, in order to understand which content is performing better and which isn’t and also, how you leverage this to improve your social media engagement. If you get these techniques right, then Voila! You’re half way through in conquering the world of social! (Well maybe not!)

Did any of these tactics work for you? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section...

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